Easy Does It

November 15, 2020 in - 1 min read


  • For those who prioritize self-love, live a pure and relaxed life, those who choose not to chase clout and those who are not afraid to say, ‘No’ to anything that won’t benefit their mental health – ‘soft life’ fam



Where are my ‘soft life’ people at? Pull through, I have got something for you! ‘Easy Does It’ was inspired by a lifestyle trend that I saw on Twitter – living the soft life. With that in mind, I wanted to create something that will set the mood, something that will actually force you to live a soft life. A life where you prioritize self-care, walking away from things and people who don’t reciprocate your pure energy and a life where you keep reminding yourself that you are doing great. This one is for you.

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About Me

Hi and welcome! My name is Mbalenhle K but everyone calls me Mbali for short (say: mm-bah-lee). I am a freelance copywriter who loves all things art, experiences and aesthetics (big time Pinterest gworl 🧚🏽)! I am the founder of Budding Regardless where I talk about mindfulness, self-development and self-nurturing for creatives. Read More

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