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Hi, I'm Mbali

Welcome! I’m Mbalenhle but everyone calls me Mbali for short. I am the founder of Budding Regardless! I am your typical Gen Z Aquarius – I basically check all the boxes of these characters.

I am a Copywriter & Content Creator by profession, I just love working with forward-thinking and modern-cultured businesses. I am big on wellness; the ‘I’m trying my absolute best here’ type of wellness and that’s what Budding Regardless is all about!

a wellness hub dedicated to helping you 'survive the day'

Budding Regardless is your home for articles, guides and challenges on copying with anxiety & depression through mindfulness.

Not only that, this is your source of motivation when you are feeling low and uninspired as a creative being. Think of this as your escape from life’s madness and your safe haven.

budding regardless (verb);

the act of growing despite your circumstances; growing despite who is supporting you or not; letting go of what doesn’t help you grow; not letting depression and/or anxiety win; consistently self-motivating; focussing on improving yourself; not fearing change; making things happen for yourself.