Get Your Gut Geared Up for the Winter Blues X Immunity Essentials by Rmdy

November 12, 2022 in Wellness - 3 min read

Boy oh boy, it’s that time of the year when our bodies beg for attention otherwise we suffer! As a cozy, hygge girl who likes snuggling up in a warm throw and a cup of tea, fall is my favorite because I treat it as a self-care season.

Daylight savings time just ended a few days ago which means days are getting darker earlier and we are getting deprived of the sun. Yearly, during this time, I suffer from Seasonal Depression and that has forced me to take care of myself and create a wellness kit that is bound the alleviate the intensity.

This year, I added *rmdy’s Immunity Essentials to the list and I just have to get you on board!

Let’s talk about rmdy

rmdy is my latest favorite wellness brand that serves to help restore and maintain a good gut condition. Their Digestive and Immunity Essentials have ingredients that are backed by science and tested by third parties. Not only that, rmdy is environmentally friendly and their products come in a reusable glass jar in a recyclable box – ✨pure bliss✨.

I started learning about gut health around this time last year and it pretty much shocked me when I realized that taking care of your gut improves your mood, brain health, helps with digestion and sleep. Since then, I have been loyal to apple cider vinegar, kombucha and rmdy’s products.

What are the Immunity Essentials?

rmdy’s latest product, Immunity Essentials, launched in October! That is just perfect timing because these essentials serve the sole purpose of strengthening your immune system to prevent you from getting sick.

I was recently telling my friend that my ‘body soldiers’ (that is what I grew up calling my immune system) are very weak so I basically have to fight for my own health. Products like Immunity Essentials are literally essential for people like me who get the winter blues and have a weak immune system.

The capsules are jam-packed with antioxidants (substances that protect your healthy cells from damage), vitamins, minerals and probiotics (live bacteria that live in your body and help with digestion).

Okay, so what’s the big deal?

All the ingredients in the Immunity Essentials play a huge role in supporting and protecting your immune system which usually needs more help and attention during colder seasons.

The capsules are purple-ish in color because of the elderberries in them. If you know me pretty well, then you already know that elderberry and ginger are my lifesavers when it comes to fighting off a cold and flu! They work like magic.

Another important ingredient in the capsules is vitamin D which we typically get from the sun. Considering the fact that we are started to see less of the sun now, we have to resort to other means for vitamin D.

The Immunity Essentials are giving ✨all-in-one✨ vibes through and through!

If that doesn’t do it for you, let me tell you this: 70% of your immune system is located in the gut and what is rmdy best known for? Providing you with products that protect your gut. With that said, you have to take care of your gut health if you want to take care of your immune system, and vice versa.

Some of the benefits of taking Immunity Essentials include:

  • their non-GMO and sugar-free components
  • they are great for vegans and they are gluten-free
  • boosts immunity and fights inflammation
  • fights off bad bacteria and viruses
  • helps strengthen your intestinal lining

Take one capsule with food – avoid taking them on an empty stomach though. I keep mine on the coffee table so that I do not forget to take them. If you have both the Immunity Essentials and Digestive Essentials, you are good to take them together too!

Oh, also *whispers* hop on the wave with me and you get a guaranteed 20% off your entire order when you use my discount code ‘imbalenhle20’!

*this is a sponsored post by rmdy however all opinions are solely mine and based on my experience with their product(s) and are not influenced by the brand.

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