budding regardless (verb) the act of growing despite your circumstances; growing despite who is supporting you or not; letting go of what doesn’t help you grow; not letting depression and/or anxiety win; consistently self-motivating; focussing on improving yourself; not fearing change; making things happen for yourself.

My name is Mbali and I am so glad you decided to stop by and get to know me a little more! I am a freelance copywriter who is in love with everything art, experiences and aesthetics – a big time Pinterest gworl!  

I am your typical Aquarius Gen Z friend – I used to dislike the fact that I am actually a Gen Z but now I just embrace it; I am even fluent in Tiktok (an official language, if you ask me)! 

I am always introducing myself to new things just because I live for the thrill and I also enjoy learning more about my surroundings by engaging with it and challenging myself. However, somehow I still don’t know how to crack an egg without spilling it all over her hands and frying the shell instead.

When I created this blog back in October 2016, I was simply writing motivational and self-love messages to myself as an alter ego. Typically people’s alter egos are wild and fierce but mine is soft, kind and nurturing hence why all my blogs were warm and comforting.

Soon enough, more and more people started thanking me for these ‘messages’ and in my head I was like, “Except I am not the writer, I am also part of the audience!” This was solely because I would write my blogs, religiously read them and apply all the advice ‘given’.

Yeeaah, it’s giving ✨weird teenager✨ vibes!

Within months, Budding Regardless was a big shot! The feedback was wild – you can read all of them on this badly edited Gratitude Post I posted back in March of 2017. I really want to keep it like that because it just reminds me how far I have come.

Well, a few years later, here we are – still thriving! Budding Regardless has become like a support group for every young adult trying to navigate through this life without losing it (as often). It’s a place where your feelings are valid, a safe haven for those who are going through situations they can’t even explain and a learning hub for self-development.