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budding regardless (verb)
the act of growing despite your circumstances; growing despite who is supporting you or not; letting go of what doesn’t help you grow; not letting depression and/or anxiety win; consistently self-motivating; focussing on improving yourself; not fearing change; making things happen for yourself.

<strong>Mbalenhle Khuzwayo</strong>
Mbalenhle Khuzwayo

Hi, I am Mbalenhle (meaning: beautiful flower) but everyone calls me ‘Mbali’ and you are most welcome to call me that too. I am a writer, designer and a sucker for art and aesthetics. Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy your visit and if you do then ride along with me by subscribing to my newsletter. If you have intentions to collaborate with me, feel free to reach out. Thanks for stopping by.

Budding Regardless is a site solely created and run by Mbalenhle Khuzwayo – an Art graduate from South Africa who decided to write her About page in third person.

Mbalenhle is a double-major graduate, she studied Digital Arts and Media Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, completed her degree in December 2018 and decided to move to New York to pursue her dream of being a full-time writer, designer and traveler. She is always trying new things, learning more about her surroundings and challenging herself but still does not know how to crack an egg without spilling it all over her hands and frying the shell instead.

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purely opinionated articles which revolve around questioning social norms and promotes individuality.


articles which focus mainly on effective ways of ‘selling’ yourself and/or your brand based on personal experience.


all about traveling, taking care of yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, general life hacks and inside scoops


On the last Sunday of every month, I release a newsletter which sums up monthly business updates, upcoming projects, personal life lessons and my secrets on how I do and succeed in particular things. This was inspired by the number of people who ask me how-to questions, personal questions and ones about my travels too. Be sure not to miss out on this month’s scoop by subscribing to the newsletter and you have the choice to unsubscribe whenever you wish to.

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About Me

About Me

Hi! I am Mbalenhle Khuzwayo, but everyone calls me Mbali for short. I am a writer, designer and a sucker for art and aesthetics. Welcome to my website, here you will find articles on social norms, travel advice, tips and hacks on everything lifestyle and marketing related. Sign up to the monthly newsletter for insights on the personal side of my life and exclusive tips Read More

Mbalenhle K.

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