budding regardless (verb) the act of growing despite your circumstances; growing despite who is supporting you or not; letting go of what doesn’t help you grow; not letting depression and/or anxiety win; consistently self-motivating; focussing on improving yourself; not fearing change; making things happen for yourself.

H E L L O !

I am Mbalenhle, best known as Mbali and I am a writer, creative and explorer. A double-major graduate who studied Digital Arts and Media & Cultural Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in December 2018 and decided to move USA to pursue my dream of being a full-time writer, creator and traveler.

I am always introducing myself to new things just because I live for the thrill and I also enjoy learning more about my surroundings by engaging with it and challenging myself. However, somehow I still don’t know how to crack an egg without spilling it all over her hands and frying the shell instead.

I am old school, a huge ambassador for simple living and a sucker for art and adventure. Digital designing, exploring and writing are my main hobbies amongst others and I would like to believe I read as much as I think I do. I enjoy taking risks and living life on the edge with harnesses, parachutes and every necessary safety material.

Over the last 5 years, I have been producing content for this website; along the way I have gained web designing and marketing skills which include SEO and copywriting. During the summer of 2019, I acquired a certificate in Business Marketing from Long Island University-Post in New York; that has furthermore fueled my love for digital marketing.


BLOGS – My blogs mainly focus on mental wellness which encompasses motivational topics, tips on self-care and personal development. I am very big on slow living and enjoying life, hence you will also find content on travel and general lifestyle tips.

NEWSLETTER – On the last Sunday of every month I release a newsletter with the scoop on my personal life and exclusive secrets and tips which will help you improve your lifestyle.

SHOP – I offer a whole range of Lightroom presets which serve the sole purpose of enhancing your photos and help you create an aesthetically pleasing social media page.