what is the bud society, anyway?

The Bud Society is a community of young adults who aren’t interested in ‘figuring life out’ but instead, interested in making the most out of the limited time we have here on earth. It’s a safe haven where we normalize not having your shit together. It’s a non-judgement platform that encourages members to get by in a way that makes sense to them; no one has to understand why you do what you do and how you do it. Do you love it? Does it work for you? Go for it!

Have you ever caught yourself doing something you were once eww’d out by? Welcome, you are home! It’s not just that though – come and take a seat it if:

  • you beat yourself up for not being productive all day and end up feeling like you will never succeed
  • you judge yourself for not being where you are ‘supposed’ to be at this age
  • you easily get overwhelmed by social media so you want to disappear but at the same time, it’s kinda your peace
  • you are always seeking ways to ‘escape’ your reality and avoid thinking about the state of your life
  • you struggle to understand and accept the challenges life presents to you
  • you want to worry less about things that are out of your control
  • you want simple techniques to simplify your life and slow down
  • you are actively trying to better your health holistically and need guidance and support

Why you should become a member

This newsletter series is an offspring of Budding Regardless which was founded off the same goals and missions – mental wellness for this pressured generation On the last Sunday of every month, I come knocking on your emails to deliver a little virtual wellness retreat. As a member of The Bud Society you receive:

  • deep journal prompts for self-development
  • helpful wellness blog posts
  • mindfulness & self-affection ideas
  • curated 30-minute Spotify playlist
  • get featured & promote your work
  • gentle reminders and reassurance
  • 15% all items from the Budding Regardless store
  • free goodies

uhmm, not you hesitating to join us

No, spamming allowed! I just pop up on your emails with a virtual wellness retreat, once a month! ONCE!

Aight, sign me up!