Presets are filters that are created from scratch in Lightroom. With Lightroom, you can manipulate your pictures in ways you could never manage to with other apps and the best part about the mobile app is that it is absolutely FREE. Lightroom allows you to change the colors of your environment and your clothes, you can simply change the color of your orange sweater to a yellow or red and your denim jeans to a darker or lighter shade using the Color Mix option under the Color slider. When you are satisfied with how you edited your picture, you can save the edit as a Preset and apply it to all your pictures without having to repeat the same process all over again.

STEP 1 | Click on the preset that you would like to buy
STEP 2 | Click on the purple ‘ADD TO CART’ button
STEP 3 | The page will reload and the button ‘VIEW CART’ will appear, click on it
STEP 4 | Your cart will appear with your product, scroll down and click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
STEP 5 | Fill in your billing details and click on ‘PROCEED TO PAYPAL’ (you do not have to have a PayPal account for this)
STEP 6 | You will be redirected to PayPal. If you have a Paypal account, login and pay through it but if you don’t scroll down to the section, “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
STEP 7 | Once your payment goes through be sure to click on ‘RETURN TO MERCHANT‘ to download the document file and you are all set!

You will first need to download the app – Lightroom (Adobe). After doing so, you will purchase the preset(s) of your choice. Each preset comes with 2 files – the .dng file (which basically contains the preset itself) and an Installation file which give you step-by-step instructions on how to add the preset onto your Lightroom app and how to use the preset. Everything is detailed on the Installation file therefore, all you have to worry about is deciding on which preset(s) you are going to buy.

Considering that these are digital products, there will be no refunds for any of the purchases made. Do not expect the presets to work on all of your pictures – depending on the lighting or environment where your picture was taken, you will need to make minor adjustments using the Lightroom sliders. These presets come with a file that helps you automatically add the preset onto Lightroom, when your payment is successful, you will download 2 files. (1) the DNG file and (2) installation instructions  – everything will be detailed for your convenience.

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