A Practical guide To Creating Your Own Wellness Routine

September 20, 2022 in Wellness - 4 min read

Anyone guilty of trying to be “that girl”, sticking to the plan and losing all that drive in less than a week? Yeah, I have my hand up too, proudly actually!

The Tiktok and Insta girlies are out to get us – the pressure to wake up at 5am, workout for an hour, have a full protein-packed breakfast and journal while drinking a healthy smoothie has us on a chokehold!

Here’s the thing though, not only does that require discipline, routines like that are built through habits! Small habit, small steps.

The main problem with us, is really the lack of patience and discipline which ultimately makes us dismiss small wins as wins at all. Listen, somebody had to say it, right?

Focus on what you want to improve

It’s so easy for us to fall into routines that are trendy because we think that’s what we are meant to do. Meanwhile, they don’t particularly cater to our needs. If you feel like social media has a bad effect on you but you just can’t stay away, then focus on that.

Schedule 1 or 2 hours in a day where you just don’t use social media at all. Benefit? This will help you focus on being mindful. You might be thinking, 1 hour won’t make a difference, I can easily do that! Well, that’s the point – you need to do something in bite sizes, those little bites go a long way!

Think about what is doable for you

As you already know, there are a whole bunch of things you can do which are perfect for a morning routine, self-care and night routine. But you know what your needs are and what you actually can get done.

Some people wake up super early, exercise, journal, meditate and all that in the morning. Find one or 2 things that you know you can do. Make sure it’s simple and easily achievable. Maybe something like drinking one cup of water and stretching for 3-5 minutes.

Quick relevant ad break

Speaking of focusing on what we want to improve and things that are doable… I have had issues with bloating which leads to constipation in most cases – super uncomfortable! I bet you know about it too! About 2 months ago, I learned about rmdy* which is a whole body health brand that focuses on gut health. As some of you already know from my Insta, I am sort of a skeptic when it comes to trying out new products, especially if I have to consume them.

I started having 2 of their Digestive Essentials chewables before dinner every night and soon enough, I saw and felt the difference. What I love about it is that they aren’t pills, they are chewables that you can nibble on right before you have a big meal, for me that’s dinnertime. Let them get ready to do the work while you make your plate and enjoy pain-free meals.

That’s it, a simple step towards optimal wellness! If you are just like me, the next step would be minimizing you intake of foods that cause bloating.

See? That’s all we are talking about – building that discipline through small, totally doable steps.

Oh and while we are talking about rmdy – on their website, they have helpful articles on gut health, the importance of probiotics and prebiotics, how to combat bloating… I have learned so much just from reading their articles, which are also super dumbed-down, minimal to no medical terms! A gem!

Okay, let’s get back into it…

Create a habit-tracker not a to-do list

You know how much you just beat yourself up when the day is over and you still haven’t checked everything off your to-do list? Well, I am about to pose an idea – just don’t have a to-do list for your wellness essentials, leave that for work.

Instead, track what you do. I am a huge advocate for apps like DailyBean and Dreamfora when it comes to tracking your habits and your goals. They make it easy for you to hold yourself accountable and motivate you to keep going too. Not only that, they have these cute icons and the apps are free!

Tracking your progress means that you don’t beat yourself up for the things you couldn’t get done, you get to see what you have enjoyed and stayed consistent on the most over the past week or month.

Make sure to analyze your tracker after every week and month to see what needs to be improved and come up with ways to incorporate that into your day.

Find comfort in things working out slowly

If you have been following me on Tiktok, you know that I started a series about a ‘Day in The Life of a Not-So “That Girl”’ just to highlight the importance of being okay with where you are in life. Trying your best and not beating yourself up for not being the best.

Find that spot too and learn to grow from there as gradual as you can because you learn more from taking a longer route. Take the small steps and take care of yourself!

*this post/ad is in partnership with rmdy. All opinions, however, are mine and have not being influenced by the brand.


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  • brixnnacruz September 21, 2022 at

    i appreciate this post so much
    sometimes i get so caught up in accomplishing goals that i forget about what i’m even working toward leading very quickly to a spiraling burnout. tracking my habits has helped me stay on track and helped me become aware of how i truly enjoy spending my time.
    this was such a helpful read, thank u!!!
    xo Bri

    • Mbalenhle September 26, 2022 at

      Omg Bri🥺! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel and I am also totally guilty of that. I feel like we just don’t give ourselves enough credit for just… trying! Y’know? I am so glad that you are taking action, don’t beat yourself up 💖

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