My Bad Habits

Writing this post made me realize 2 things about myself. One, I’m a weird human being. Two, I’m terrible at being human😄.

1. Talking to myself… in public… out loud

I know most people say they talk to themselves too but what they actually mean is that they mutter to themselves. I don’t mutter, I talk. I even use hand gestures. I refer to myself as ‘you’ not ‘I’ so I’d say something like, “Wow, you are such an idiot. Didn’t you know it was going to rain today?”

2. Laughing really hard at something I have just read or saw on my phone.

I say this is a bad habit because I absolutely hate it when someone else does it. Like, what’s funny? Are you trying to get attention? What’s worse is that the things I laugh at are usually things I can’t share with someone who asks to see what I’m laughing at.

3. Staying up until 3am 

I am naturally a night owl. Always been, probably always will be (I hope not). Normally, I would stay up and just listen to music while organising my things into folders but on other nights, I stay up just to stare at the ceiling and reflect on my day, week, month, year and life.

4. Waking up at 12pm

Well this makes sense since I end sleeping around 3 but I wake up feeling like I missed out on so many hours of the day already and literally miss out on the morning phase of the day.

5. Not texting back

This has become an official problem that cannot be fixed and I’m such a terrible person because when I do read your “Where are you?” message after 2 weeks, l reply to that message with my current location. 

6. Cancelling plans on the day

Another problem that cannot be fixed. I don’t know how it happens but when the day finally comes I just realise I would rather stay at home and sleep. Meanwhile, all these days or weeks planning to go out I am usually the one hyping the plan up.

7. Leaving dishes until late

I can totally justify why this happens okay? I am super slow at anything I do – it annoys me so much when people keep sliding dishes every second while I’m doing the dishes. It kind of demotivates me so I wait until midnight when everyone has gone to bed then I start doing the dishes.

8. Holding in urine the entire day

Terrible terrible terrible habit. I have no excuse as to why I do this but it usually slips my mind until my bladder starts threatening me that it will burst if I don’t go to the bathroom immediately.

9. Not checking both ways when crossing a small street

I live in a place where there are just small roads and the route to school is made up of super small roads and cars hardly ever drive by and it’s super quiet. With that said, I never see the point of checking both ways because I always think to myself, if there’s a car coming, I’ll hear it.

10. Staring at people

I stare at people a lot, sometimes for no reason at all – probably just thinking of what I’m going to eat when I get home. What makes this a terrible habit is not only because staring is rude but also because when you notice me staring, I don’t look away.

Until next time,

42 thoughts on “My Bad Habits

    1. My fam hates that l sleep late and wake up late too but it’s something l can’t change now😄. And it’s so funny how staying in bed instead if going out as planned becomes the best idea😄

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  1. Love this post! Several of those are my bad habits as well.
    It’s always so embarrassing once you realize you’ve been caught staring too! Haha!

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  2. hahha omg yes, sometimes I accidentally talk to myself (in the second person as well) And yes- I’ve definitely been in the situation where I’ve got into a giggling fit over something on my phone, but can’t tell anyone why cos it’s not appropriate timing! And yup I’m a nightowl too and I’m terrible at replying to texts and messages of any kind. Hilarious post and very relatable!!

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  3. The 1st habit is so me! And I never see anything wrong with it . Lol I feel so much in power when I talk out loud in that way I get to hear myself. So silly though. 😂 Great post lady. 🌻

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