Road Lodge – Pietermaritzburg | Adventure Diary 

I spent my blog’s birthday weekend at the Road Lodge – by City Lodge Hotels. It is situated just off the N3 highway on the corner of Hesketh Drive and New England road in Hayfields. An absolutely stunning and peaceful place. Across the road there is QuickSpar which is open 24 hours a day. How convenient. Prior to the weekend, I went there twice – the first time to ask about the place and prices and the second time to pay for the stay. The front desk service was so amazing I made a reservation the first time I went to enquire about the lodge. They are so welcoming and patient (even to those like me who ask a million questions in a second).


On arrival, I was welcomed with broad smiles as though I belonged there. They made me feel like a ‘somebody’, really. My room was on the first level, the very last room down the passage. You know how people react when they walk into their rooms right after they get renovated by professionals? Yeah? That’s exactly how I was too when I walked into the room. It was so bright and beautiful – the aesthetics pleased all my senses.  Although the lodge is by the highway, I hardly heard the cars and the trucks which I was sort of worried about when I went to book. 


I didn’t have breakfast there but I sure wish I did, each breakfast table had a succulent plant on them and that just set the mood. There was also a vending machine with snacks and cans and right next to it was an ice machine. At that same place, there was a door leading outdoors where there was a relaxing pool area. The pool was quite petite for a lodge that has 90 guestrooms, nonetheless it was a peaceful place to just chill. 

What made me extremely happy is how fast the WiFi connection was – I literally uploaded my YouTube video (Budding Regardless Turns 1 – Birthday Celebration) in seconds. Made my stay extra fun. Also, the air-conditioner was my best friend, I am forever and always cold yet I hate dressing up to keep myself warm and the air-conditioner was there for me. I was sort of bummed when I realised that I have no fridge nor a microwave hence I ended up eating my favourite pizza cold and drinking my cooldrink warm. 

The bathroom was so beautiful! So neat, so bright! There were 3 super white towels in the bathroom, a mini bar soap and a shampoo. If I wasn’t so obsessed with saving water, I would’ve spent most of my time there just taking a shower. I was faced with #ShortPeopleProblems when I had to take a shower in the morning because I couldn’t reach the shower head to adjust it – had to shower in the most awkward position.

The Road Lodge is such an immaculate, sophisticated place with very kind staff. It had such a homely feel to it and it’s in a perfect location which conveniences those travelling and in need for a place to rest. If you need to get your mind off things and away from reality, listen, the Road Lodge is where you should be. Treat yourself. 

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