My Upgrade Update | WordPress Premium Plan

I. Finally. Upgraded!

I have been waiting since February for this day to come but in all honesty, I feel like it was worth the wait and while waiting I had a chance to do my research and figure out what features I wanted to add on my site and how I wanted it to look like. I am happy because now I have everything I need and my site looks like it’s wearing a suit.

I literally feel so grown – feels like I have done something huge, something that has brought me much closer to bigger things. I thought about self-hosting my site with HostGator but after much consideration I figured I might as well just upgrade on WordPress since this platform provides me with all the necessary things.

The WordPress Premium Plan

Anyway, let me tell you why I am so excited. I had been using the free plan since I started blogging (October 2016) and I recently upgraded to the premium plan which comes with so many benefits. I had to pay an annual fee of $99 (R1 300) but I really cannot complain. At least I can start making money off my site now.

The space has been extended from 3GB to 13GB which is great. I also got to remove the WordPress advertisements that linger around when visitors come to the site. The most important thing that I wanted to do was to remove the ‘wordpress’ off my domain/URL and I did it. Previously my domain was and now it is

Theme Choice

How did I get my site looking so sweet yet professional? This premium plan comes with thousands of themes and I had been eyeing this Rosalie theme for months now and this plan gave me the privilege to customise it any way I wish to. If you would like to purchase this theme, it is $49 (+/-R650) – you will not regret it. This theme looks absolutely beautiful on any device (especially a laptop).

Pages Updated

Also, since I was pretty much revamping my site, I decided to edit my About and Bucket List page too so you can check that out. I kind of wanted to have 100 things to do on my Bucket List so I randomly added cool things to do.

Related Updates

I added more categories as well – Blogging, Adventures and Tips because I will be exploring, experiencing and experimenting a whole lot more. I cannot limit myself hence great blogs will continue to flood your emails if you are subscribed. Also, I created a new email address, so if you need to holla at me for any reason or even collaborations, you can do so on my personal email –

This change got me feeling all kinds of giggidy inside. I love change, I love to see growth, I love challenges and I love the feeling of being proud of myself. I will have to juggle school, dance and blogging like a master now, anything is possible with determination and self-motivation so hopefully every little stream in my life will continue to flow and flourish. Budding Regardless is still pretty much budding regardless – growth on steroids.

Until next time,

45 thoughts on “My Upgrade Update | WordPress Premium Plan

  1. Congrats!
    Thanks for sharing your excitements with us.
    I also want to upgrade, but maybe to Business plan, because I want to create a complete e-learning environment for my blog.

    Can you install any plugins in Premium?
    It seems I can only do this in Business.

    John Shalom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the business plan is the best option in your case. And no, l cannot install plugins on this plan. Goodluck nonetheless, l hope everything works out 🙌.
      Thanks John🌻


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