After Winter Must Come Spring

​“After winter must come spring. Change comes eventually” – Lauryn Hill

The mere fact that spring comes after winter is a clear indication to all mankind that no matter what you are going through right now, it will pass and things will get better.

There are times when we feel as though we are in a situation that we will never get out of. It might be the thought that you will struggle or hustle for the rest of your life and it could even be the thought that you might suffer from a heartache for the rest of your life. Let us refer to these moments as ‘winter’ moments because all you ever want to do is stay in bed because the world just seems to be cold.

While you are in that ‘winter’ phase it is important for you to keep in mind that spring is yet to come and everything is a little brighter in springtime. Things will get better, do not rush your healing or your growth but work on it steadily every day.

No tunnel goes on forever – there is always light at the end of it. While you are there have some hope and trust that whatever you are struggling with will come to an end in due time. You might get the feeling that everything seems to be easy for everyone around you and no luck seems to come your way but don’t let that break your spirit.

The clock keeps ticking, the sun will rise and set again and the days will keep rolling. Do not dwell too much on what is not going right in your life at this stage, stay focused and positive in your way of thinking and remember that spring is yet to come so you are about to bloom. Change will come eventually.


21 thoughts on “After Winter Must Come Spring

  1. You really are my favourite blogger! Your posts are always unique, insightful and interesting. Sometimes I go on reader and come across similarity and I just always appreciate and admire your viewpoint and that your post offer me something that no one else’s will.
    I am in complete awe and reading this was just what I needed. Spring will rise as long as we keep going in winter instead of snuggling the months away inside. xxx

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  2. Lauren Hill good choice Mbalenhle! This was a beautifully written post. It is important that we not let the events of the day keep us down. Even on the most rainy day the sun will come out at some point. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Have a great day!


  3. Love how you compare life and bad times to winter and healing and better days to spring.
    I love creative blogs and you have an creative mind.
    Just a question though
    what if someone have allergies and allergic to the spring weather and perfer the winter?
    Lol just a random question dom’ t answer that.
    But this was a lovely blog ☺☺
    Keep it up


  4. You know what? There’s a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley called “Ode to the West Wind.” You’ll hate me for this, but this poem closes with: “Oh wind / If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” It’s one of the most beautiful poems you will ever encounter. I just had to say something. Shelley wrote in the early 1800’s. What you are saying is nothing new. I will buy you your own edition of Shelley’s poems if you wish. Yes, I will do this for you. I only need your physical address, and I will have Amazon send you a copy. I think you owe it to yourself to know about our history. To be in ignorance about it is cheating yourself. You know, life often does this to ourselves. We might think we’re onto a great discovery, but you know, humans have been around for a while now. It’s really a beautiful thing when we can connect with somebody older who’s been around for a while. Percy Bysshe Shelley died at the age of fucking 29 in a boating accident. Shit, he drowned. He left behind this awesome legacy of poems for you and me. Please, let me send them to you. Shelley was the most beautiful poet on earth. I mean it. You haven’t lived until you’ve read Shelley. It’s alright, but you really need to know about this poet. He and Lord Byron were good friends. Byron is another poet you need to know about. He died at the age of 36 fighting for Greek independence. Isn’t that a gas? You know, John Keats died at 24yo. Holy cow, he wrote a ton of poetry in his lifespan. These guys were all geniuses. All you have to do is ask me, and I will send you anything you want. I realize that you are young, and may not have visited all the places I’ve been. It’s alright. I want to help you. You know, the more you know, the more you can help other people. It’s better if you don’t pretend that your idea is new. Ecclesiastes said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” That is pretty much true. Don’t be embarrassed, OK? As I said, humans have been around for awhile now. Take a good drink of water and reflect. Have you read Homer? If not, then he’s a great place to start. It sounds like there are places that you’ve missed. Let me be your friend and guide you to those places. How about it? I’ll pay for it, because I believe in you. I want to share my knowledge with you. I am 50yo, and been around for awhile. I want young and powerful people like you to persist. I love you, Mbalenhle. It’s no fault of your own that you didn’t know about Shelley. I can help you. Just ask, and there’s probably something I know about that you didn’t. I’m not the “older is wiser” type. I will always defer to the young for guidance. But still, I have wisdom that you can really use. Believe me, Shelley is a beautiful poet. He gets my rocks off. Please, let me buy you a copy. I will do this because I want to, and because you are beautiful. Have a wonderful day, OK? I’m always here. Remember to love yourself, and remember that I love you too. I want to be your father figure. Give me a chance. I may be white, but I’m not your typical whitey. No, not at all. I am very powerful with my words. My hero is Emerson. Could anybody be more powerful? Holy cow. Anyway, I have to go. Remember that I want to help you. It’s that simple. I will be your father figure when you have a homework assignment that has to get done. Just think of me that way. I cherish you, Mbalenhle. You and all young people. Your Rob

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  5. Reblogged this on thatdiary and commented:
    It’s Monday! I have seen many bloggers that I look up to here on wordpress say, ‘don’t force content! Always write from within!’. I have quite a number of ideas for a few blog posts in my head, but they are not ready to be typed yet; so, instead of forcing them out, I decided to reblog a really good post that read today, which I feel I can actually relate to right now. I read a beautiful quote somewhere that says, ‘Don’t be discouraged! It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock!’, and this quote goes beautifully with this post. I am sure you will love this piece.

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      1. You deserve a comment. Of all the practitioners who treated me last, an African woman was the best. She put on gloves and shoved her hand up my ass. It hurt. She was checking for blood in my stool. Man, she had strong hands. I tell you, it’s so so good to be home. “There’s no place like home.” Thanks so much much for liking my posts.

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