Spring Highlights

The last 2-3 months have been so interesting for me in terms of blogging because it felt like it was Autumn/Fall everywhere else in the world considering the amount of beautiful blogs that were related to Autumn. Meanwhile, in South Africa, it’s beeeeeen Spring. Haha. Spring is my favourite  – I always think of this season as Nature’s season because of how nature blooms in Spring. I have had some pretty cool moments this season so this is a post purely about those little moments that made me happy, laugh or at least put a smile on my face…

  • Upgraded the blog

I upgraded from the free WordPress plan to the premium plan and finally got my own domain. I did a whole post on my upgrade and you can read about it here.

  • Dandelion guy

On a random day on campus, a guy walking towards me on a small path, picked up a dandelion just before we crossed and handed it to me. He just asked me to accept it and walked away, I was so confused but that alone made my day.

  • Bowling night

The initial plan for this night was to go watch soccer at the stadium but me and my siblings voted against it so we ended up going bowling. It was just a night full of laughter and my mother actually beat my brother. Haha. And of course, I beat everyone!

  • Beantree Café

I discovered a super cool restaurant which serves super cheap breakfast. I am officially a regular there.

  • Stapler drama

I had to submit my assignment immediately because the submission box was due to close in 5 minutes but luckily for me, I’m quite creative so I decided to pull out some cotton out of my jeans and wallaah assignment stapled!

  • Popcorn to school

I did Film studies this semester and every Wednesday was screening day so I decided to make some popcorn for me and my friends to make those boring classical hollywood movies a bit bearable.

  • Fairly lights

I believe I am in a very serious relationship with my fairy lights because they make me so happy and I spend my nights with them – a genuine mood changer.

  • Opportunity to pitch for Cosmopolitan SA 

I don’t know what it’s like to faint but I swear I almost fainted when I woke up to an email from Cosmopolitan SA giving me a chance to pitch to them.

  • Budding Regardless turned 1

On the 5th of October my blog turned 1 and I wrote a blog post on the 12 Things I Have Realised in 12 Months.

  • Surprise celebration

On my blogs birthday, I got back home from school to a beautiful surprise celebration my family had organised for me. Honestly? That is my number 1 highlight of this whole year and probably this whole life even.

  • Road Lodge stay

I had never really treated myself this much. I stayed at Road Lodge for 1 night but I can’t complain because it was just what I needed – a little getaway, good company and good food (God forbid that early check-out time though).

Adventure Diary | Road Lodge Pietermaritzburg

  • Card reading

Just opposite my new favourite café, there is a caravan with a psychic/palm and card reader named George. I had a very interesting session which him which helped me figure out where I stand in life.

  • 10 000 views

  • 50 Blogs

  • Drama Production

I was part of the ‘Out of Context’ production at the University of KZN which was so much fun. The cast was made up of really funny people and we made so many memories.

  • BR Collaboration

Originally, this collab was meant to be posted on 1 day only but since people who participated in the collab had so much to say about the ‘Misguided Generation’, I had to split the post into 3 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Passed my exams

What a rollercoaster this semester had been, passing my exams is definitely a highlight for me this time. So, I guess I am doing my final year next year (hopefully).

  • My Klarf watch

I waited on the delivery of my watch for way too long. Another item of mine which I’m currently obsessed with, I probably even slept with it on the first day it arrived.

  • My brother’s prom night

My brother is the youngest of us three – him going to prom made me realise that we are really getting old. It made me so happy to see him looking all grown and handsome.

I hope you also had a wonderful season, even if it wasn’t Spring. We are on the verge on entering summer now here and my favourite holiday (Christmas) is 2 weeks away. Wild! I wish you all a happy and safe festive season – count your blessings and enjoy the little things.

Goodbye for now,

22 thoughts on “Spring Highlights

  1. Wow I am so happy to hear that you’ve had such a fantastic season! And I totally wish it could be spring over here because I am definitely not a winter person. Congratulations on your cosmopolitan offer and all of the progress you’ve made with your blog, you should be super happy with yourself 🙂 Xx

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