8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Fall

October 19, 2021 in Wellness - 5 min read

It’s that time of the year – the time of getting together with friends and family, getting cozy; the season of the ✨aesthetics✨ and possibly every blogger’s favorite season. I personally associate Fall with self-love and self-care, that’s always the theme for me. Self-care is all about your health – mental, physical, emotional, all of it. Today ,we are going to talk about 8 simple ways that can keep you healthy this season.

1 | Spend time in the sun

It’s likely you won’t see much of the sun, so whenever it does decide to show face, step outside for a walk or even just to relax. The sun is naturally a mood-booster and also provides us with Vitamin C. Buy Vitamin C supplements too, to make sure you are not deficient of this vitamin.

You can also get your vitamin C from foods such as oranges, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and spinach. If you prefer drinking it, drink organic orange juice; emphasis on organic.

2 | Drink water

Drinking water is an all-year-round means of staying healthy. I used to turn towards juice and soda/fizzy drinks to ‘hydrate’ my body. However, I soon learnt that the sugar contents in those drinks actually make you thirstier. That is why you find that once you start drinking one glass of juice or soda, you’re thirsty again soon after.

Water, on the other hand, does not only hydrate your body but it also helps with digesting food, soothing and eradicating a headache. Invest in a water filter to purify the water you drink and cook with. I use the 15-gallon Brita water dispenser, which came with a filter. You will have to replace this filter every 3 months for optimal functionality.

3 | Be on the move

As it is starting to get colder, it’s so easy for us to stay in bed at any chance we get than to get out there and exercise. It is important that you practice self-discipline when it comes to exercising in colder seasons. A mere 15 minutes of exercising daily can be quite beneficial to you.

I highly suggest you exercise each morning; go for a walk, jog or find an at-home workout. Movement is a great way to start the day – it instantly wakes you up, helps you set the tone for the rest of the day and energizes you overall.

4 | Eat nutritious food

If this isn’t the season for candy and all things sweet, I don’t know what is. You have Halloween, which is all about candy. Then you have Thanksgiving, which is the ultimate cheat day. Need I talk about all the pumpkin and cinnamon flavored treats?

What I am trying to show you is that Fall is a major setup. Just like exercising, self-discipline is crucial when it comes to eating healthy. Nutrient-dense foods are jam packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its best.

5 | Wear your face mask

Whether you are vaccinated or not, it is still important that you wear your face mask in public areas to avoid contracting COVID-19 or a cold. This season is also flu season, so it is much easier to catch a cold/flu. Lately, a cold can be easily mistaken with COVID-19 as the symptoms are quite similar.

So, avoid having to take a COVID-19 test every time you have a runny and blocked nose, wear your face mask and take your annual flu shot. Keep a safe distance to people in public too, I typically don’t wear a mask when I am outside but when people are at a close proximity, I wear my face mask to protect myself.

6 | Take care of your mental health

Do not neglect your mental health during this time especially if you are like me and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Get in touch with friends and family whose company you enjoy, read a book on a topic that interests you or try out a new hobby.

Prioritize your mental health over your physical because without a stable mental health, the physical cannot be performed consistently. Declutter your mind and make use of any help you can get to stabilize your mental health. This way, you will be able to accomplish more and lesser time because procrastination is also a result of neglected mental health.

7 | Layer up

The clothes you wear during this season also play a huge role in keeping you healthy. Do not expose yourself to the cold weather especially for longer periods to avoid having your temperature drop. Wear clothes that you can ‘stack’ up and top it all off with a huge jacket or a coat; sometimes you can even wear a jacket over your coat.

It can be a bit tricky to layer up bottoms, but your best bet can be wearing cotton socks, with leggings over them and sweatpants. You can find affordable coats and jackets on online stores such as SheIn and AliExpress. If you prefer shopping in person, then Michaels, TJ Maxx and ROSS should be your go-to place.

8 | Drink probiotics

To strengthen your immune system, control bad bacteria in your body, improve your mental health and stay healthy overall, drink probiotic drinks like kombucha and apple cider vinegar. Probiotics, in simple terms, are bacteria that is good for your health.

These bacteria help with the functionality of your digestive system. In this way, you can reduce the chances of constipation and bowel issues and complications. I drink Synergy’s kombucha, with the Gingerade being my favorite one. For apple cider vinegar (ACV) I drink Bragg’s prebiotic refresher which tastes like kombucha without the fizz.

Bragg is a company that specializes in ACV and if drinking it doesn’t sound appealing to you, they have ACV in a number of different forms. I also have the ACV supplements and the shots. So, whether you prefer, drinking it, taking a quick booster shot, taking pills or even infusing it in your food, Bragg caters to all your needs.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and create memories. There are so many activities that only come around fall season like apple-picking, going to a pumpkin patch and going to a haunted house. Don’t deprive yourself of the fun. Keep in touch with all your loved ones and stay safe.

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