Let’s Just KISS

With so much happening in the world all at once, it becomes challenging to determine what needs our attention the most. In some cases, we may find ourselves trying to consume as much as we can from the internet and social media due to FOMO but this only complicates our lives and leaves us confused. A perfect way to clear your mind and life overall is by Keeping It Super Simple (KISS).

If you were to spend a heavy amount of time thinking, reading, observing people’s behaviours you will come to realise that we say life is hard mainly because we make it hard, well let’s not disregard the fact that sometimes ‘life happens’. Out of total oblivion we introduce ourselves to a complicated life by letting ‘things’ dictate how we should live our lives, what to like and how to speak, forgetting that our lifestyles do not have to reflect what is mainstream – you know what kind of life you want to live so focus on making that happen for yourself.

Keep It Super Simple dear, there is literally no need for you to keep a lot of friends just because you have known them since primary school or just because you grew up together, it’s okay to outgrow people hence it’s okay too to let unnecessary friendships fade away and end up with only 2 friends. Relationships too, don’t complicate things by not communicating what you want and what you don’t want – save yourself the stress and speak up for yourself before you find yourself in an 8-year relationship that hasn’t been going anywhere for the last 7 years.

Another way of keep life super simple is by getting rid of literally every single little thing that you don’t use. Here’s a little challenge: throw/give away 50% of the things you have and clean your room, then come back here and let me know if you feel any different at all. This will be hard at first because you will keep telling yourself that you need everything in your room but that’s where your honesty with yourself will be tested.
It’s important to live life in its simplest form – appreciate the little things that you have, find joy in waking up to your favourite bowl of cereal or meeting up with your favourite person in the evening. It’s really the little things that matter most. We are not entitled to live a life that only has highs and no lows, truth is that there is always something or someone that makes you happy when you think about it/them – always choose to focus on the good and what’s keeping you together.

Don’t clog your mind with all kinds of thoughts, take things as they come – easy does it. Living a super simple life means you are choosing to live a life that you do not need to explain to anyone, you allow yourself to mingle with trends but not get attached, accepting yourself and not trying to live someone else’s life and you choosing your mental and physical health over everything else. Life isn’t hard, trust me – you just need to Keep It Super Simple.

That’s it for now 🍃

21 thoughts on “Let’s Just KISS

  1. I loved this! It was a truly unique way to remember things in terms of cutting down and I loved how minimalist your approach is too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us! Like the comment above, I too found this incredibly inspirational! ☺️✨

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  2. GIRL! This is AMAZING! I agree so much with seeking joy in the little things and just simply living life. Sometimes we get caught up in so many things that don’t even matter, that don’t have any meaning whatsoever, so reminding yourself that life and its details is beautiful is so important!! Loved this xx


    1. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this💗. I think we really just complicate our own lives unnecessarily and then complain about how hard life is. It’s definitely something we have to rethink🍃

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  3. Finally got the time to catch up on all the blogs I follow and this really made me think “Yes, that’s it.” I started to clear out some stuff in my food cupboard although that’s not much but I’ve started preparing a bag for clothes to recycle or donate because I really don’t need them.


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