We Are too Grown for This Shit

Here’s the sad truth, we are way too old to be beating around the bush when it comes to showing our intentions with someone. Honestly, this is purely complicating life unnecessarily. What do you want? You’ve just exchanged numbers with someone, for what? Friendship? Relationship? Situationship? State it as soon as you can!

Listen, we are all busy – some of us are trying to bag a degree, some of us are working tough 9-5 jobs and some of us are trying to get our businesses off the ground. We. Are. Busy. And on top of that some of us are suffering – being broke, depression, anxiety, pressure, those factors are dragging us by the balls. But here you are, confusing people on what relation you want to have with them. What the actual fuck is wrong with some of yall? 

We are actually old enough to be getting married and start our own family but then again, our age still allows us to loiter around for a good time and nothing but a good time so speak up man. So, we must assume that you want to get married in 3 months or that you just want to smash? Huh? And I don’t want women reading this thinking I am talking to men. First of all, women are the main kings at pretending – they can pretend that they want you when they actually don’t and they can pretend they don’t want you when they totally crave you. So no sis, this is about you too!

Are you trying to get your feelings hurt? No, right? Then simplify your life by telling or asking the person you are ‘vibing’ with what’s happening! Do you want a relationship, a friend or somebody to smash? Yall end up flirting for 584 weeks not knowing where yall stand in each other’s lives, there’s no need for such confusion, we are busy man. 

If yall agree on a relationship then be fully in it, don’t be half in and half out and if your intentions somehow change as time goes by then communicate it with your partner. Even if yall agree on a ‘situationship’ then lay down some rules – how attached should we get? Can I call when I have problems? Do we talk daily or only on the day we meet for a good time? COMMUNICATION IS VITAL! 

Don’t be a piece of shit, gone are those days, in this day and age we talk about what we want instead of wasting people’s time and our own. S’badala. Also, learn how to accept rejection. If you decide into slide in your crush’s DM and they aren’t interested, take your L and move along, you are not gonna die. Pretence is such a heavy thing to maintain, rather just speak up and if they cannot take it in then that’s their own personal problem. 

8 thoughts on “We Are too Grown for This Shit

  1. “they can pretend that they want you when they actually don’t and they can pretend they don’t want you when they totally crave you.”- Lol..with one clean sweep you dashed most of the coquettish heroines of chick-lit. 😛

    And thanks for the word “situationship”. I learned a new word today.


  2. Sometimes you want something when actually you don’t. If you want to be with someone just be straight forward and tell him/her you want to be with that person most importantly never loose respect for that person then you will automatically love that person.


  3. Ahh I can think of so many people who need to read this. Just cowardice when people beat around the bush and string each other along for ages without actually stepping up and making a move.


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