5 Misconceptions of Bloggers

The blogging life isn’t what you might think it is if you are not a blogger. Before I started blogging, I used to have multiple ideas on what a blogger really is based on what I saw on social media and from reading some blogs. Also, whenever you tell someone that you are a blogger, there’s usually a short ‘judging’ silence before the question, “Oh, so what do you blog about?” So I have summed up the main myths people have about bloggers and corrected them…

1. Bloggers live amazing lives

Not all bloggers are actually privileged enough to afford travelling around the world, we make the most out of what we already have and we are always seeking adventures and more knowledge. Bloggers can turn a sad, tragic story into a happy one with a lesson attached to it because we are always trying to see good in everything and staying positive helps us overcome any situation.

2. Bloggers earn a lot of money from blogging

Haha. Trust me, we spend more money on our blogs than what we actually receive from things like GoogleAds. You can make a living off blogging but wow you would have to work super hard – throw yourself out there, spend a lot of time in front of your PC, watch all the YouTube videos in the world, approach companies to pitch your ideas and be a master at accepting rejection. It’s a lot of admin but it could be worth it in the long run.

3. Bloggers know everything

What? No, bloggers are very outspoken people with open minds. We are experimental and inquisitive beings who always want to learn something new, explore, document our activities and experiences then share it with the world.

4. Bloggers just receive free things

Yes, in most cases we are approached by companies to do a review or promote their product however, sometimes it’s just a matter of shooting your shot and hoping to score by emailing the company you want to work with and hope they like the idea of collaborating with you.

5. Bloggers have all the time in the world

There are bloggers who post 3 or 4 times a week and some who post every day of the week but it’s not that we have too much time in our hands. If you love something or someone you always try and make time for them, right? Same thing applies with bloggers and blogging, whether they are a student while working part-time and raising kids, they still manage to make time for their blog.

I hope now you are enlightened a bit more about what it’s like to be a blogger. If these myths have been holding you back from starting you own blog, I have proven them wrong for you now so go ahead and start your sharing and learning journey and enjoy.

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33 thoughts on “5 Misconceptions of Bloggers

  1. That money part 😂😂. If only they know sis. What we spend on data monthly, just to bring good content. And the freebie part only works if a blogger really markets themselves as someone worth gifting something to. Otherwise you will wait for a freebie till kingdom come 😂. And then I’m just noticing, your post post is appearing with 4 grids once again like all blog posts used to before WordPress changed things to just one lame boring cover image. Did you have to do anything for the 4 grids to appear? I want my posts to go back to this original layout 😭😭😭😭

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    1. Joan, the data!!😂 We need to be saved because it’s not just used on posting but promoting our work on social media too🙈😄! We need a Bloggers’ sim card😂!

      Can I tell you that I myself don’t know how it’s happening. Lol. Maybe it’s because I haven’t updated my app. Honestly, I have no idea sis🙈

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  2. Nuts! Why didn’t I think of this??? 🙂

    Excellent topic and so true. I post twice a week and now, with my first draft in the mix, it’s an interesting balancing. For most of us, as long as it’s fun we’ll do it. You are obviously having a great time and it shows.


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  3. This was sooo interesting to read because a lot of people do think these things. So accurate! I think it was a great post and I loved reading it! “Bloggers have all the time in the world” – I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY FOR WHAT I NEED TO DO HAHA! x

    Sophia xo

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