Basic Female Guide to Male Communication

Last year I tried to help the gents understand their ladies and overall save their relationship by giving them a Basic Male Guide to Female Communication. So this time around, I am helping the ladies out – this is your guide to understanding your guy! These are simple ways to save yourself from a mini heart attack and from getting your heart cracked just a little.  

  • Now when it is night-time and you are with your guy and he tells you to keep talking because he is not sleeping… Girl, your guy is talking in his sleep first of all. He can hear you but he is not listening to anything you are saying but because he is such a gentleman, he’ll just let you blabber on while he uses your sweet voice as a lullaby to help him sleep.
  • Okay so next point, when he tells you that he is playing FIFA basically what that means is that he is wide awake and active and probably will be online until 3am but just don’t talk to him. So, the solution here is that you go to sleep because he won’t text you back after saying “I’m playing FIFA,”
    Warning: it’ll be a huge issue if he’s online at 2.37am and so are you. Again, just go to sleep sweety. Save your relationship.
  • Then there will be times when he asks you what you want to eat. Listen to me carefully okay, IT’S A TRAP! He’s trying to confuse you! Do not fall for it! Guys know that we have an answer to everything but the one thing we don’t know is what we want to eat. Here’s a strategy – ask him what the budget is because that will make it much easier for to you decide then you tell him what you want to eat. He will never see it coming. I got you boo!
  • When you ask him if something you are wearing looks nice on you and he says Yes, he is not lying but the main reason why he’s agreeing is so that yall leave the house already before you arrive late for whatever event you are going to. Just trust your instinct, if you don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing just change it because your guy will love you in whatever you are wearing anyway.
  • If he ever takes you retail or grocery shopping and he asks, “Is that all you’ll need?” He will be mentally begging you to say Yes because the way his bank account is set up haha he doesn’t need you to ask for more. He’s just trying to be the nice guy that he is. Allow him.


14 thoughts on “Basic Female Guide to Male Communication

  1. The 3rd point is so apt. I always ask for the budget and go through the menu to choose the healthiest option possible within that ‘limit’. Works wonder for both of us. Thanks for the laugh. 😀

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