Just Like a Flower Would

Life can be great and sometimes when it starts to get too good, we are tackled with challenges that bring us down and kill our drive. After winter must come spring soldier, dark times do not last forever and you have to learn to survive through the storms, you have to be just like a flower.

Flowers grow towards the sun, although they are rooted firmly in the ground they follow the light. Stay positive and seek joy at all times, let’s forget about everything else and enjoy the good times and the good vibes that bring us happiness, inner and outer glow. One could step on a flower and you know what? It will grow right back, so will you! Don’t let those that try to bring you down win, only you can control your own growth. Sometimes people you love will hurt you but you can’t let that stop you from loving again, remember, you are just like a flower hence you will bounce back and find yourself again.

Just like how a flower can grow through dirt into a wild beautiful beast, so can you. Know that you can and will flourish despite your circumstances. Focus on the finish line, the prize, the victory – work hard and all that you deserve you shall receive, when in doubt or when you lose motivation, rest to refocus and get back in the game, prove to yourself how much you want what you want and work until you are impressed.

Flowers may be planted all at once however they bloom at different times. Don’t compare your growth to anyone else, keep in mind that if it seems as though you aren’t progressing in life it’s because now is not the right time. Just keep you head high and be patient with yourself.

You know how flowers lighten up the mood and the environment? Be that person! Be so kind to people that when you enter a room or text someone, their faces light up. Be the light and joy, your reason for happiness and those around you. Forget how you’ve been dragged through the mud and when being human seems to be too much for you, just start seeing yourself as a flower and shine on, just like a flower would.

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