Less Talking. More D


Sure, it’s really fun talking and dreaming about what we want in life and what habits we want to start adopting but like can we start actually DOING what we got to do. Really, get up and start doing more.

You keep saying you need to start working out but all you probably end up doing is saving work-out routines and watching YouTube work-out videos. Get on with it already, draw up a work-out tracker for yourself and track how often you actually work-out – that’s one way of keeping motivated and encouraged. Soon enough you will start seeing results.

If you are still struggling to save up, it’s not because you are naturally an over-spender, it’s probably because your saving plan isn’t realistic. Give yourself weekly money instead of monthly – so instead of giving yourself R1 000 to spend every month, give yourself R250 every week. It will be easier to budget and plan weekly rather than monthly hence you won’t have to spend more than you should.

It’s almost impossible to wake up one day and decide to start your big business and hire staff. Why? You need money to make money, right? So, in the meantime, while you’re still in school or even working your 9-5, do what you can with what you have. That doesn’t necessarily have to be money but people around you too can be of significant help, so take a huge gulp and swallow your pride and start networking. Put yourself out there, volunteer to assist – you will gain experience and you will actually learn a thing or two.

Grab all the little opportunities that will pop up and if none of them come up then hey create them yourself. You know what you want and you know how badly you want it, now work for it. Start exploring, go on more random adventures. This might not be a great year but make sure you make it your DOING year. It’s time for action!

9 thoughts on “Less Talking. More D

  1. Sis, I need to start saving up! Lordt, you know how difficult it sometimes is hey. Like when unexpected things happen during the month. I agree with what you say, but the hussle to save is hard!

    Great post love! I love your blog so much! xx

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    1. Saving is super hard😢 but it’s really something we gotta do. Even if we aren’t saving for anything in particular – when unexpected things happen we can actually just use the money we had been saving 🤔. I feel like simplifying your life is legit the only way you can save 💖

      Thank you Tori🤗! I appreciate you so much 🙌

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