It’s a Love-Hate Relationship 

Most people would assume I absolutely love doing my nails because I get them done once or twice a year and they usually stay on for 2 or 3 months. Sure, I do love artificial nails because I legit feel like they force me to act girly and that’s something I suck at doing. Also, it just boosts my confidence whenever I speak because I’m that type of person who talks with their hands. I recently removed the ones I had during my 30-Day Challenge because they were really starting to annoy me. 

First of all, with artificial nails, you have to clean them after every meal that has meat in it, unless you eat chicken and ribs with a folk and knife then. When you are eating meat with your hands while trying not to dirty your nails, it looks like you are absolutely disgusted in the meat because of the way you end up holding it.

Artificial nails can easily break and when they do break it hurts like hallelujah (side note: ‘hallelujah’ is not a feeling and it doesn’t hurt. It just seemed to fit). Then when one nail breaks off, you end up having to walk around feeling like you have your facebeat done so perfectly but didn’t get a chance to do your second eyebrow.

Another issue (especially for me) is that you cannot type using a PC, either because your nails keep clashing or you keep pressing the wrong letters. So, you type with the tip of the nails which is absolutely frustrating. Also, texting on your phone is another hassle which is why I would rather send voice notes.

These nails bend and it feels like the artificial nail and your whole natural nail (accompanied by your last breath) is about to leave your body. But the worst thing is when your natural nail starts growing, there is this awkward gap that starts to form and that is pretty much a sign that you need to get them removed.

Here’s that gap

When you have removed the artificial nails, you will notice how easily your natural nails bend after hot showers or washing dishes with hot water then you feel the need to start afresh by cutting your natural nails because the artificial ones actually made them weak.

I honestly have no idea how people can get their manicure done throughout the whole year and maybe I am the only one who actually suffers like this, considering that I just mentioned how badly I suck at being a girl. Nonetheless, there is a huge chance I will get my nails done yet again soon.


Until next time,

12 thoughts on “It’s a Love-Hate Relationship 

  1. I definitely think like you! Getting my nails done is one of the only girly things I do, but I’m just terrible at maintaining them. I only get them done for special occasions; or when I need a pick me up. Which is basically all the time LOL

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  2. Thank you for showing a part of being human that I had missed. I guess we all do things that make us feel more like we think we should be. I will have to think about what I do to make me feel more manly when I am thinking I am not manly enough. Love your writing!

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  3. I love the artificial nails but they would always basically tear wholes in my real nails when they were taken off, too painful for me to get them again! But I use a Uv lamp and get the gel polishes and just paint my nails every 1-2 weeks 😁 maybe you could even look into that? And there’s vids on YouTube how to do it ☺️💅

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