Before I get into it, here’s a little parenthesis… I wanted to commit myself to a 30-Day Challenge I find on the internet but after scrolling down several pages, I still couldn’t find the one that would best suit me. I wanted a challenge that had diversity, a lot that I found were so structured and focusing on one thing only (30-day workout challenge, 30-day writing challenge…). Hence I figured I might as well create my own and so I did.

The 30-Day Challenge which I created revolves around self-love, self-improvement and self-appreciation. Therefore, I titled it the 30-Day Self-Care Challenge. Reason why I choose to go down that route is because well, I don’t ever have time to myself, I never really spare anytime to appreciate myself, I haven’t cared much about how I look, I never have time to JUST FOCUS ON MYSELF. With that said, this whole month, I will be doing just that, from today (the 8th of June) until the 7th of July (which will mark the 30th day).

What better way to start if off with a Self-Praise post. I enjoyed writing this because it is something I have never ever ever done – I have never praised myself at all. After writing this down on a piece of paper I realized that I should probably do this often because it felt so good even reading it back to myself. Okay here we go…

I am super creative, I have ideas that could take me places I never thought a child raised by a single parent could ever be.
I am very petite yet I am physically strong and I actually have abs.
I have hair that is always healthy.
I have a naturally upright posture which carries all my confidence.
I am kind to strangers and especially homeless people – I have 2 homeless friends who are so kind to me too.
I am always there for people when they need help.
I am extremely sarcastic and somehow that makes people laugh, the silly things I do make people laugh too.
I am intelligent.
I am a critical and logical thinker.
I am an interesting person.
I have never done anything to someone which I wouldn’t appreciate if it was done to me.
I make smart decisions in every situation.
I am a friendly person and those that know me, love hanging out with me.
I blend in everywhere – if you ever see me at a club, you would assume I am always there, if you see me in the library you would assume I am always there.
I click with everyone – the hyper, the geeks and nerds, the drug consumers, the churchgoers.
I am forever laughing – whenever a person texts me to tell me they saw me, they always mention that I was too busy laughing.
I grew up bombarded with multiple emotional and mental challenges but I have overcome each one of them.
I have finally learnt that I matter and I have a positive effect on some people’s lives.
I have never done anything that I now regret because I have always carefully thought out situations.
I am not afraid to take risks just to see what the outcome may be.
I do not dwell on my failures because they come with so many valuable lessons.
I have a superpower of loving hard.
I have morals.
I have never not known what I did last night.
I got mighty communication skills – I can talk to anyone, a 3 year old or a 70 year old and we can talking about anything in this world and out of it.
I have always made mindful decisions regarding sexual involvements.
I have never cheated on a test or an examination.
I spent most of my life experiencing wonderful moments instead of ‘experimenting’ just so that nothing misses me.
I am a good actor and dancer – former ballet dancer in possession of 7 silver medals and a trophy for being the Best Dancer of the Year.
I haven’t failed a module/subject in University (haha… YET!)
I have a successful blog.
I let people be themselves and be comfortable when they are around me.
I know when I am in the wrong and my first instinct is to genuinely apologize.
I let people explain themselves when they have done me wrong instead of shutting them out – I need to hear how you are going to justify what you did.
I swear a lot but somehow I cannot swear when I am angry.
I am smart enough to know that doing what you love will set you free from what the world expects from you.
I have accepted that I see things differently from the rest.

I have acne, a little butt, little boobs and no curves,
I regularly suffer from low self-esteem,
I am terrible at texting back,
I have a bad temper.
However, I am appreciated just the way I am
And I love myself so much for being so strong.

I have no idea how you have made it this far in reading such a self-centered post. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed praising myself for once especially because I feel like this will come in handy when the low self-esteem kicks in yet again. I am super excited to do this 30-Day Self-Care Challenge and I will post an update of how it went when I have completed it.

Maybe you should also consider praising yourself, well you don’t necessarily have to post it up but write it down somewhere and keep it – we have all been through so much, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but we make it out eventually. Don’t focus on your flaws, spare some time to acknowledge all the good things about yourself because that’s the only thing that really matters.


29 thoughts on “Self-Praise

  1. I really love this. You are an amazing person. “I make smart decisions in every situation.” I wish!!! I’ve made some not so smart decisions in my life especially in my youth but I’ve learnt from them. 🙂 I’ll definitely be doing this challenge. I don’t give myself enough credit for how strong I am as a person and a woman. Thanks for creating it and sharing.


    1. There’s always something to learn from our mistakes and bad decisions we take 💕, I’m glad you did too. Thank you for reading Cherylene and if you do decide to praise yourself you’ll see how great it feels 😉💛

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  2. Such a creative challenge. I’m a mom of two and rarely take time for myself. Well, that was before I decided to start my blog, almost a year ago. And you know what, the kids are still fine, perhaps even better knowing their mother is happier! Nice post!


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