Celebrate Yourself

How often do you look in the mirror and curiously ask yourself, “How you doin’?” just to check up on yourself? The moment you become conscious of the fact that you are important, you will see the need to celebrate yourself and dive into the habit of checking up on yourself.

Our minds are usually focused on the people who are doing well and ‘making it in life’ hence we start neglecting ourselves, feeling as though we aren’t good enough. However we forget that popcorn is thrown in the pot at the same time, heated with the same temperature but pop and different times. Then we get depressed when we see someone who is always travelling to foreign countries for leisure reasons but forget that some people have it easy and they will probably never experience the adrenaline pumping hard when you have accomplished a goal which consumed most of your time.

The problem is that we compare our lives with people’s online content and by the looks of things, no one on social media has a horrible life simply because people post what they want us to see and not how things really are.

Frequently take yourself out as a way of paying tribute to your soul and appreciating all you have because that is necessary. Concentrate on yourself and figure out what vibes you are into and what you would like your spare-time activities to be about.

Your life is just as perfect as anyone else’s and probably better even therefore live it the way you intend to and set goals to work on everyday. Remind yourself that a person who orders a sandwich at a restaurant will get it before you who ordered a 1/4 chicken and steak with hot sauce and lemonade. Do not rush yourself – good things take time. Motivate your own self because you know how badly you want what you want despite the hard work required to be put in. Be patient with yourself and celebrate every little accomplished mission.

How things in your life turn out to be is completely dependent on you. Be choosy with your vibes, with your friends and your partner because settling for anything that comes by will hold you back from flourishing. Don’t be too quick to check up on other people when you havent checked up on yourself. You are more important hence celebrate yourself.

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