It’s Not Your Responsibility

February 15, 2019 in Articles, Motivational - 2 min read

Isn’t it about time you stopped putting so much unnecessary burden and stress on your shoulders for things that aren’t any of your business anyway? Think about how many times you have held yourself accountable for situations that you cannot change in any way, how many times you have blamed yourself for how things turned out even though it really wasn’t your fault – just think. In a sense, it’s pretty normal for us to feel like we have to react to everything that happens to us and see fault in the way we do things but here’s the thing… we aren’t in control of everything that happens to us and we really need to start taking note of what we are responsible for and what we aren’t. 

It’s about time you learnt that it is not your responsibility to take revenge or ill-wish those who mistreat you, whether you believe in karma or not just know that the universe has its way of handling things, your job is to value yourself and keep it moving. It is not your duty to make people understand you, being understood does have a good impact on our self-esteem but when we come to think of it being understood isn’t fun at all so confuse the enemy boo and do you.

Yes, it is a beautiful thing to make people happy but again that is not what you are responsible for because not only does that make you neglect your own happiness to feed other’s but it can also result in people taking you for a poes because not everyone has a kind heart and good intentions. You also do not have to help people, especially those who don’t want to help themselves, use your energy wisely and be careful you don’t drain yourself out trying to be the hero in everyone’s book.

In many cases in our lives, we encounter people who are consistently in denial of their toxicity, it is never your responsibility to make them apologize for their wrongdoings. Toxic people have this strange talent of playing the victim and making you look like the clown, protect your peace by not letting it get to you and cutting off anyone who makes you feel unworthy.

Your responsibility is to take care of yourself and in every way possible – take care of your body, mind and your soul. Completely focussing on yourself and choosing yourself every time might not be easy for you at first but the more you practise not taking nonsense from anyone, you will easily pinpoint things that you are not responsible for.

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  • Christy B February 21, 2019 at

    You’re right that choosing ourselves first doesn’t often come easy, especially for women…

    • tsepotheview February 24, 2019 at

      Liked your comment. Not only to women even to man it’s really hard I think it all about your personality.

  • alicethompsonspeaks February 17, 2019 at

    I really need to hear this today. I have someone in my life who dumps her burdens on me, even though I am in no part involved, and I feel the responsibility to take it on. I haven’t made much time for myself and I can feel it negatively impacting my life.

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      Sorry about that💕. But please do keep in mind that what you allow is what will continue, put yourself first because when they dump their problems with you, they get to carry on with their life and you are left to worry and trying to fix the problem.
      Take care of yourself🍃

      • alicethompsonspeaks February 20, 2019 at

        You’re so right. It’s hard when you have allowed it to continue for so long and then try to make it stop all at once.

  • Mariam Shittu February 16, 2019 at

    Thanks for the reminder. We get so caught up in taking care of others and forgetting about ourselves which is even more important.

    • tsepotheview February 16, 2019 at

      Agree. Sometimes you got to make yourself a priority but even though never give up on caring for others.

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      This is definitely true. Trying to please everyone is also pretty impossible but making ourselves happy is not only easy but its also very crucial✨

  • Lael-Heart February 16, 2019 at

    Thank you for this. Your words are words that needed to pass my eyes today <3

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post🤗💕

  • kiki | February 16, 2019 at

    I need to remember this! I love making others happy but I am slowly learning that it’s not okay to try and make everyone happy especially the toxic people. I’m only one person and can’t handle so much love being given out to those who don’t accept it from me. Anyway.. thanks for this helpful reminder

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      Yes sis, it’s pretty normal to do that but when people realise that we keep giving they don’t stop and think that maybe they should reciprocate the energy we give out. I’m glad this has helped you, keep well🍃

    • tsepotheview February 20, 2019 at

      Liked the comment…you can never make everywhere happy whether you like it or not because for example you might support one friend with all you got only to find out that the other friend of yours don’t like it when you helping someone so it’s about time you make yourself a priority and ensure that your happiness comes first but not in a selfish way.

  • tsepotheview February 15, 2019 at

    Agreed with you mbalenhle which means beautiful flower. People need’s to stop blaming themselves for what is beyond their control and they also need to know when to let go because some of the situations we as people come across needs you to just pry and let GOD take control on our behalf.

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      Yes Tsepo you are totally right, we don’t realise that blaming ourselves and trying to control everything holds us back from enjoying life and taking things as they are✨

  • Kiniale Job February 15, 2019 at

    Well put Mbalenhle. We are created to dominate and not to be managers of the universe, managing every issue in our lives.

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      What you said here is very important and I hope everyone sees this✨

  • Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah February 15, 2019 at

    👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿Great job. True words Mbalenhle. It’s so easy to keep killing ourselves for people who won’t ride a mile for us. There’s a place for unconditional love but also one for self respect and knowing your limits

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      Definitely! We really need to put ourselves first and prioritize self-care✨

  • jessierenea February 15, 2019 at

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said here! You definitely have to be careful about taking on other people’s problems. It’s okay to care but you don’t have to let it become your burden otherwise.. your self peace is disturbed. That’s one of the things your post made me think of. I really enjoyed your post! I’d love for you to come by and check out my latest post! I think you’d really like it 🙂

    • tsepotheview February 15, 2019 at

      Liked the comment. You need to understand or to know up to what level you care about other people’s problems and most importantly when to let go and understand that the problems is beyond you.

      • jessierenea February 15, 2019 at

        Amen !! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

      • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

        Yes, what you said here is so important!

    • Mbalenhle February 20, 2019 at

      Thanks for stopping by sis💕! Self-peace should be our priority and reevaluating what is our responsibility and what isn’t really helps. On my way to check your post out🤗

      • jessierenea February 20, 2019 at

        You’re so right on that !! 💕 you’re welcome and thank you !!

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