First Airbnb Experience | Durban North

For those of you who don’t already know, Airbnb is a website and app where you can book a whole house/apartment or a room from the owner through Airbnb. So, it’s mainly a website where home-owners rent out their homes on days when they won’t be in town or rent out extra rooms that they have.

I had been hearing about Airbnb for months now so I decided that the next time I need a place to stay, I will search for one on Airbnb and I made a crazy discovery when I started searching – I discovered that Airbnb homes and rooms are reasonably priced compared to hotels and BNBs you would typically find on sites like After weeks of indecisiveness my friend and I finally came to a mutual agreement – we booked a room from a home in Durban North which had a stunning view to wake up to.

We were welcomed by the housekeeper who was very kind and gave us a tour of the place, what we have access to and showed us what was included in our booking. Our room seemed much bigger on the website versus what we were presented with in reality but then again the beauty of the room made me overlook that aspect.

One of the things that made our decision feel like the right one is how the home owner kept communicating with us from the time we made the reservation and his quick responses to our concerns. Our room was very neat and warm and it had pretty much everything one would need – air conditioning, fridge, TV, workspace, iron and (my personal favourite) WIFI! The bathroom was absolutely beautiful, a modern shower, sink, toilet… everything was slick. We also had access to the kitchen which had a microwave, plates and glasses, so basically all you have to bring when you get there is yourself and food and enjoy the peaceful home.

There was a cute dog on the premises which was one of the highlights for me although we didn’t get to see it that much. The home is situated in a very quiet place and one of the downsides is that there aren’t any supermarkets or restaurants close-by unless you have a car then shops are 5-10 minutes away and there aren’t any activities to do around the home, with that said I guess it is perfect for someone who has come down to Durban for business or a couple who just want to stay in.

Luckily my friend and I had planned to do some activities prior to going to the place and we had more plans after checking-out the next morning (click here to see what we got up to while in Durban) so all we really needed anyway was a place to crash. Being in this particular home was pretty exciting and if I ever need a place again in Durban North, this would be my first choice again.

Plan your next trip with Airbnb too and trust me, you will not regret it because not only are the homes beautiful and neat but they are also quite affordable. If you are interested in the room that we booked, simply click on this link and make your reservation with Denis and sign up to Airbnb and get R600 off your first trip using this link – Airbnb coupon

Below is a video of how the room looks:

18 thoughts on “First Airbnb Experience | Durban North

  1. Wow looks so amazing! 💕 I’m glad you had a nice time. I love Airbnb and I also tried it with my friends in Mallorca. It’s so much cheapier than hotels and the places are amazing. Beautiful pictures!

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