You Are the One You’ve Been Looking For

It’s quite normal for us to fantasize about ‘the one’ – that one person who will complete us, reciprocate our love and for some odd reason, when we fantasize about ‘the one’, they hardly have any imperfections. How unreal. Anyway, here’s something to consider – what if the person we are looking for is really just within us?

Who doesn’t feel misunderstood? Most of us do, right? But the only person who actually has enough time to really get to know us and understand why we can be shitty sometimes is ourselves. Your flaws, those little imperfections that make you feel insecure and uncomfortable around others… You see all those? Yeah well guess what? You don’t really have to feel that way, the moment you start accepting yourself just the way you are and loving every little thing about yourself, you will see how your self-esteem will shoot up.

Don’t you just sit around sometimes and wish you could meet someone who won’t judge your past, someone who won’t judge your wild future plans and someone who will be down for you every time you are in need of support? Quit wishing because that person is deep inside of you. Be your main supporter and help yourself achieve those goals. If you master that ability to be there for yourself, giving up will seem almost impossible.

We want to be spoiled, taken care of and for some of us, we want some to take care of. We don’t have to look that far and wait until Jesus comes back because that someone is us, let’s spoil ourselves with all those things we have been wanting, let’s make ourselves happy and let’s take care of physical and mental health.

You may be good to people and feel like you deserve the ultimate best but unfortunately life doesn’t always work like that, it’s usually up to us to give ourselves what we feel like we deserve. The one you have been waiting for has been in front of you all along.

24 thoughts on “You Are the One You’ve Been Looking For

  1. Until we start seeing and believing that we truly deserve what we expect others to give us we won’t get it. We must learn to be good to ourselves in thoughts, words and deeds. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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