What Makes a Good Blog

If you are a blogger, you already know this… Blogging isn’t easy and the hardest part about blogging is getting views/readers. If you are looking into starting your own blog, now you know. However, having a good blog can really help you gain lots of traffic and here are ways to make your blog welcoming…


Green, purple and brown may be your utmost favourite colours but they don’t have to be on your blog. Keep it simple and bright – you can never go wrong with a white theme and black font. Also, make sure your title and content font are legible – save the pretty, cursive and curly fonts for your Instagram stories to invite people to your blog.


Think of yourself as a fisher, the general public as fish (wow, this is terrible) and your title as the bait. You are not going to put a piece of potato on your hook as bait, right? Think of something that will definitely get the fish (oh my goodness) rushing to your bait. So, if you want to tell us about something crazy cool that happened today, don’t title it “My Day” because that’s just like using potato as the bait. Instead, say something like, “And I Thought Today Would Be a Normal Day”. Sounds better hey?


You want to make sure that your readers keep coming back for more, so write exciting content, something out of the ordinary, something relatable, helpful and/or thought-provoking. Have a variety of content too – post about your personal life, good movies, work/school life, places to visit, workout routines, useful phone apps… Everything and anything as long as keep it interesting.


Make people feel welcome to read your blogs and to share their own personal feelings towards your posts in the comment section. Respect their comments even if they oppose your opinion/thoughts and respond kindly hence they come again next time. Put a piece (or a huge chunk) of yourself in your posts so that readers do not mistake you for a robot with no personality. Be yourself completely and everyone that reads your blogs will feel much comfortable when reading and commenting.


Do not let your readers get lost because they will never come back. Make your Menu clear – don’t make your readers go on an unplanned scavenger hunt for where your blog posts are and where your About or Contact page is. Have a simple menu too, having 16 pages on your menu isn’t so helpful for your readers especially if those pages are highly related.


Stay in one pace and grow steadily, don’t over-work yourself on some days and do the bare minimum on others. Don’t post 18 blogs this week and decide to disappear for 3 months then come back with 2 more posts on that week and disappear again. Instead, set up a realistic schedule for yourself – you can decide to post every Tuesday and Thursday or once in 2 weeks or daily. Whatever you decide on, stick to it.

40 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Blog

    1. Woah, lol what a way to look at it! Nahh, I’m judging from the good blogs I’m subscribed to and look up to.

      😂🙆Now l wish I had read the bible prior to posting hence l don’t feel so bad for calling people fish😅

      Thank you so much Deshi 😄😊


  1. Loved the one about using interesting titles as bait. Made me look at some of mine.

    Here are the last five:

    – Musings of a Morosoph
    – The Latest End of Summer
    – The Illusion of Going Somewhere
    – Ten Seconds
    – Clean

    Yeah, you’re right – I think some of these certainly need some work. 😦
    Thanks for the heads-up and for the interesting article.

    Liked by 1 person

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