Negativity is Your Best Friend

Whenever you have an idea in mind and try to make it come to life, negative people with their negative remarks will follow you around – it’s more like a package deal. Every time we see quotes on negativity, they are always telling us to stay away from negative people, squads and those who do not see us ever prospering. Instead of concentrating on all the bad things about negativity, choose to concentrate on the good things about it. 

You can choose to use negativity as means of motivation – there will be people who won’t believe in what you are doing and they will see it pointless as a matter of fact but it is your duty to not take it to the head. However, if you do decide to take it to the head make sure you think about it in a positive manner.

These negative things and people push you to value what you want; their comments make you understand how much you really want to ‘make it happen’ despite what others may want to say. Their negativity makes you realize they are only spreading negativity just so that you doubt yourself. Utilize this negative aura they throw on you to show them how much your craft means to you and make them wish they tried to understand or accept it from the word go. Negativity is meant to bring you down but from this day onwards use it to prove to yourself how much you love your work.

Unlike positive comments, negative ones push you to do better and make you want to prove that you are capable to being what people think you can’t be. Nonetheless, this does not apply if those negative comments directed to you are coming from your mind because that can only make things worse. If you are the one constantly telling yourself that you won’t make it and compare yourself to others then you are only hurting yourself by not believing in yourself. Make sure that it isn’t your own mind that’s pulling you down and beating you up.

See good in the negative comments and situations. We are taught to run away from these things but be wise and use negativity against itself by making it your best friend.

23 thoughts on “Negativity is Your Best Friend

      1. Thank You for this great post !it was a joy to read and understand the importance of negativity btw
        Please check out my site
        Girlonthewaves.wordpress. com thanx.

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  1. There will be negative people no matter where you go or what you do, they’ll follow you. I try not to care & if possible turn it into motivation to achieve something. I’ve learned that most of those people talking shit & being negative are just jealous, so keep doing what you do 🙂

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  2. I am so happy that I found your blog because your wisdom and honesty is incredible. Sometimes, I’ve noticed, people say positive comments to me as an attempt of making me ‘settle’ and those comments are not reflective of their true intentions and thoughts. However, negativity (from other people) does a lot more in terms of shifting my mindset towards success.
    Please keep sharing your thoughts with us girl, you are helping so many!
    Maria ❤


  3. Well said! Negative people can only steal our joy if we let them. Let’s use their negativity to fuel our drive to succeed even more because it pains them to see us rise in spite of their efforts. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  4. There are two sides to negative comments – Those that are making it to run you down, and those that are making it constructively. If negativity is constructive, look into it, and use it as a stepping stone to move towards to your vision. Thanks for sharing..

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