Designing for the Future: Annual Blogging Contest



This blog post is a part of the Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader 

In the past and presently too, we have been fed the idea that having more is the way to go. “Got enough cutlery for the whole family? Cool, but why not get more just in case 20 visitors decide to rock up uninvited tonight?” That has always been in our minds, we always want more for “just in case” reasons. However, we are gradually moving into a slightly different era now… An era where minimalism is highly promoted.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

Minimalism is essentially the idea of having as less as you can. The future of interior design looks very simple – only buy/keep what you need, that’s the aim. With minimalism, you don’t go through the trouble of losing things and you are more in tune with yourself and your surroundings, making it easier for you to clear your mind and meditate.

Source: Pinterest

The interior of our homes reflects our souls – you can tell a lot about a person by merely looking around and observing their possessions or the things that they collect. The concept of owning less creates an illusion which makes a room appear much bigger. We are currently in the period where we are all finding it hard to let go of things – we tend to have pointless reasons as to why we keep certain items and the minimalistic movement is the only escape from all human troubles. Clogged up spaces cause clogged up minds.

In the future, most people would have reached the point of realizing that one must minimalize their possessions. Homes will have long, wide glass doors and windows which will let in the necessary natural light during the day. There will be no need to have a dozen rooms because rooms will be interchangeable – a living/TV room will be easily transformed into a bedroom. Designs as simple as wood – nothing flashy to draw attention, the goal is to appreciate the space and focus more on simplicity. No stuffy rooms – keeping those that suffer from sinuses healthy. The free, airy atmosphere would make it effortless for one to get out of bed in the morning.

This minimalistic design does not allow for any messiness or loss of items considering that there won’t be much cupboard space. Also, it is a natural instinct for one to look around when they enter someone’s home. However, when guests walk into any house in the future, they would have already seen just about everything in seconds hence there will be no need to look around, they will be forced to focus on the conversations.

Minimalism is a growing trend that will be the most dominant in the future because we are becoming human beings who are fond of simplicity and becoming more self-aware. We are becoming aware of our health, the things we need, the things that really matter and the need to constantly meditate. With that said, there is no doubt that we are going to enter the future with the mindset of a minimalism when we are faced with the decision on how to design the interior of our future homes.

Source: Pinterest

Hoping that you all realize that minimalising is the way to go now so while you are busy decluttering (getting rid of all the items which you feel serve no relevance in your life anymore) do consider entering the competition and you could also stand a chance to win the blogging contest. Best of luck to all 🍀.

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