Snitching Movement

In our Mathematics classes, we had always wondered where on Earth would we ever have to calculate the circumference of the cosine where x is equal to y in the real world but if you think about it long enough, some things will probably start making sense.

The simplest sentences start to sound like poetry, “Two negatives equal to a positive,” and we sit there with tears forming in our eyes thinking, “What the hell did I just hear?” How can a negative and another negative magically give us a positive answer?

It all makes sense now, we need to apply Mathematical ‘theories’ to our daily live situations. How many hearts and souls are permanently broken from relationships due to the unfaithfulness of their significant other? Countless! Daily! This is where Maths comes in to solve and avoid the problem…

Cheating (negative) + Snitching (negative) = Happy Lives (positive) 🙌

Being unfaithful is something bad right? Snitching on someone is something bad too… Right? So now, what if we combine the two? Won’t that result in something good? Because now someone can pull out of the relationship before it gets too deep and all you have to do is snitch.


If you know you’ve got the power to save someone from a heart break, you should probably take that chance to shine. But then again in this era, snitching on someone who is unfaithful would make you a bad person and we assume that keeping quiet about what we know will save someone’s heart. Kinda tricky hey?


If we put some thought into it, snitching in this case is better than not saying anything. People take relationships very seriously, they really don’t deserve being half-loved and people who are half in and half out. So why do we let them get away with it?

People say that what you do to others will happen to you too, I don’t see what’s bad about having someone tell you about your unfaithful partner though. It pains to see someone swimming in the deep end in love meanwhile they have no idea that almost the whole world knows something that they should know but in the name of “we are trying to protect your heart” we damage it by keeping the truth to ourselves.

Being unfaithful in relationships wouldn’t be such a norm if we just started handing out truths to the victim. So let’s be on this snitching movement to minimize the amount of souls getting crushed by inconsiderate people. Save an innocent love-struck heart.

6 thoughts on “Snitching Movement

  1. In theory that is true. My husband had been unfaithful and it was a long time before I learned the truth. I suspected but had no proof, but when I caught him, we got a divorce. Afterward, others admitted knowing. Later my best friend went out of town. She asked if I would cook dinner for her husband at least once, while she was away, so he could have a home cooked meal. I told her no problem. After dinner, he went home. Later that night he snuck into my home and tried to crawl in my bed, but being single, I slept with my girls. He was surprised when I screamed . He misunderstood my intention. I told my friend and she got angry, with ME. So it can backfire, especially if you are single. Some months later she called to apologize. She had not been ready to see. He had cheated on her before, so I didn’t know why she would doubt me, but she did. We remained friends, but it was never the same, so a person does take a risk sharing information.


    1. Thank you for sharing Joliesattic. I feel like you did a good thing by telling your friend about her husband’s intentions despite how she took it. No one wants to hear about their unfaithful partner because they are blinded by the love they feel for them and that’s probably why your friend got angry with you. The only downside about this Snitching Movement I propose it that people lash out on the ones that try to tell them the truth instead of accepting it and making the appropriate moves.

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