It’s Not About The Biceps. It’s Not About The Green Salad.

It is funny how our minds are so fixed on thinking that an individual’s health is only based on physical fitness and nutritious food. There is so much more to it than that. It is also just as important to worry about how emotionally and mentally healthy we are. After all, you can have a well-toned body and consume the healthiest foods but if you are emotionally drained and mentally messed up then you aren’t that healthy, are you? There are numerous minor things to think about that actually contribute in boosting our healthiness.

Actually, let me stop right there and set this up rather because we tend to take listed things very serious, here’s my chance to shine…

Things to consider when aiming to be amongst the healthiest people:

  1. Mindset – know the importance of saying meaningful things. Try to understand an individual’s argument and their reasons, rather than just trying to be right. Know that there is no need to suck the attention out of people. Think critically rather than thinking how we are taught to think. Live for the moment yet also consider the future.
  2. Habits – realize that there is absolutely no need to drink and go out almost everyday when there is nothing much to celebrate. Avoid unintentionally (or intentionally) falling asleep during lectures. Teach your mind and body to be wide awake in the morning, despite your 2 hour sleep.
  3. Consideration – it’s a good thing to put yourself first but consider those that are around us. Like those that stay on the streets for instance. You do not know their stories, therefore acknowledge their existence and be kind always. Consider other people’s feelings towards your actions.
  4. Outlook – believe that thinking positively will attract positive things. Find good in every not-so-good situation. Do not focus too much on the bad things that happen around the world, there are also things like sunsets and a full moon.
  5. Procrastination – once you have told yourself that something needs to be done at a certain time, you need to do it.
  6. Communication – successfully hold down a reasonable conversation with strangers, children, your partner and elders. Know that raising your voice during arguments does not make your statements any stronger.

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