Lessons To Be Learnt From The Wests

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West are married and have 2 beautiful children, North and Saint West. It is quite obvious that they both love their children so much, plus they are successful people. Nonetheless, Kim and Kanye both individually have a history that everyone knows about and everyone knows what traits they possess but that does not stop them from loving each other so deeply.

Kimberly Kardashian-West has seen how cocky and rude Kanye West can be. He proudly displays his narcissism at every chance he gets. He probably sees himself as the greatest thing that has ever set foot on Earth yet still, Kim saw him as husband material despite all of that. Kanye knows about Kimberly’s sexual history with Ray J that trended for some time. He knows that Kim has been divorced twice – with the second marriage barely lasting 3 months… 72 days to be precise. He knows about Kim’s publicly posted nudes and with all that and more, Kanye still saw a wife in Kim.

This goes to show that the world will judge the personality of your partner because of what they see, not what they know and their opinions will never bother you. When you love someone, their past does not affect you in anyway because you are more focused on what the future holds for the both of you.

Although it’s not really clear what Kim does for a living besides breathe, Kanye is loving her regardless. A beautiful, well-toned body like Amber Rose’s did not hold Kanye down and a successful American model, Chanel Iman, didn’t hold him down neither. Kanye knew what he wanted and went out to get it, what everyone else has to say clearly does not matter to him. Kanye is hardly seen laughing, let alone smiling, but whenever he is with his wife contentment is evident on his face as it gradually moves to form a smile.

There is absolutely no need for you to alter your personality for the approval of the mass hence remain authentic and believe that someone will fall for your kind. Almost everyone goes through a stage where they aren’t giving much thought to their actions by jumping from one lover to another. What’s important is that whenever your ideal partners finally pulls through, you accept their mistakes and embed your mindset on the adventures and memories you are yet to share together. The Wests are unintentionally teaching us such valuable lessons, learn from them.

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