Little Booties Matter

Men basically have 3 body-shape combos; tall-tiny, short-normal and middle-height-chubby. Women, on the other hand, have practically 20 combos. There are women who are tall and petite, tall and chubby, short with big dairies and tiny, short with small dairies and chubby… The list is honestly endless. Despite all the different combos, every single woman looks absolutely beautiful and they all own their physiques. There are women whose skin looks so edible and absorbs the sunlight every time they step out and there are those who drip melanin at every step they take. We love all sorts, however it is an utterly different story when it comes to booties.

Men and women have a mutual penchant for big booties. When a big booty approaches, we get agitated and impatiently wait for it to pass hence we can low-key stare. In reality, the booty could be walking by really fast but when we stare, it is all in a slow pace and we can distinctively see it wobble, just a little. Big booties become extra ‘hallelujah’ when they are in tight clothes – everything is in order.

Then you get little booties… The booties that do not get celebrated. It barely exists, and sitting down for longer than an hour aches therefore they feel the need to start moving around. The saddest part of it all is that when the little booties get spanked, the sound effect they wish to hear is the sound of water getting slapped, meanwhile it is actually similar to the one you would get if you dropped a pile of books on your wooden furniture.

These booties deserve credit, they deserve to be told that they are perfect. They deserve to be booty goals and they deserve to be held – although one hand will be enough for both. There need to be songs about little booties and the beauty in it’s inability to jiggle. Let us boost their confidence. Go to the extent of jumping back in shock and say that it is growing – even though it clearly isn’t. Hug the little booties and grab the little booties. Love a little bootied woman.

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