We actually don’t pay much attention to how cool strangers are. Yes, some strangers have unintentional intentions to creep you out but let’s not allow the minority to outdo the majority. Despite their gender, race and age, most strangers become the most caring people in your life – who usually exist for no longer than one hour. When you have had a bad day, they are there to listen hence making you reconsider unlocking that wine bottle when you get home. You obviously aren’t going to pull up to a stranger’s face and start pouring your heart out, it only works effectively when they actually ask how you are doing… That’s your cue.

Even if you aren’t waiting at the taxi rank or a long queue, strangers passing by will still manage to make your day. That dress you weren’t sure about this morning – they love it. That new haircut you tried out – they absolutely love it. Strangers make you feel good all over again but the ultimate best type of strangers that all females can relate to, are those that could spark a long deep conversation with you and when you depart they don’t take your name nor your number. Stranger goals.

Everyone is a stranger to someone and people have bad days, let them pour it all out on you. Start a conversation that matters. Try not to be a nuisance, it is your chance to shine and prove that you aren’t such a bad person after all. Embrace this opportunity and make the most out of it. Be a good stranger and brighten up someone’s day by throwing honest compliments around like confetti.

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