Basic Male Guide to Female Communication

Most of the time, relationships are wrecked all because of something that could’ve been avoided so easily – learning how to communicate with females. I mean, females are tricky they hand out a million moods at once and it’s hard…

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The Measure of Beauty

There is nothing more confusing than the measure of beauty. How do we measure it? Who gets to say what is beautiful and what is not? From the looks of things, the moment something starts trending, we tend to see…

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Medicinal Cannabis

I know… l could have just titled this article as ‘Weed’ or ‘Marijuana’ but you know what, maybe by the end of this article you will all understand why I chose to stick with ‘Medicinal Cannabis’ which to me are…

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The Thin Line

Quite often, living for the moment is confused with completely or partially damaging your future. What you do in your youthful years has a crucial role to play later in your life and you are pretty oblivious to this because…

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Hi and welcome! My name is Mbalenhle K but everyone calls me Mbali for short (say: mm-bah-lee). I am a freelance copywriter who loves all things art, experiences and aesthetics (big time Pinterest gworl 🧚🏽)! I run a website called Budding Regardless where I talk about mindfulness, self-development and self-nurturing for creatives. Read More

Mbalenhle K.

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