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Sonder – the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. (Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)

It’s fascinating how we all walk around all day long as if we have got everything handled, as if our lives are in tact and as if we can’t relate when someone speaks of ‘problems’. Is it such a bad thing though? Imagine a world where we all look like what we are going through… hectic. The crazy reality is that every single random person you see online and in public has stories about their lives that would shock you.

We don’t walk around crying when something bad has happened to us, we tell ourselves to keep it together – at least until we get home. We don’t breakdown everytime someone asks us how we are doing, the question is always answered with broad smiles on our faces and an, ‘Oh I’m good thanks!’ Everyone puts a front and smiles if necessary.

A stranger passing by could be holding in their hurt from finding out that their loved one has passed away. Another stranger could be preparing for their wedding that’s happening the next day and someone else passing by has probably just committed a crime yet look at how they all walk and look the same – as if it is just an ordinary day.

We have made it such a ‘norm’ to be constantly happy and to always have our lives together making it so hard for us to deal with any problems and inconveniences that arise. What you should take away from this is that everybody has something going on in their lives, you included. It’s really not your place to judge what others do because you don’t know what thoughts they are trying to avoid or what problems they are trying to solve.

We are all just pushing to survive the day, we are all fighting for never-ending happiness. Treat people with kindness, even those who are rude, let them be and be the bigger person instead. Ignore their energy and move on because it might just rub off on you and ultimately ruin your day. Be kind to yourself too, don’t rush yourself and let yourself be angry or too happy without feeling bad about it or expecting things to go bad.

So be kind for no reason and expect nothing in return and in some cases, being kind to someone actually makes you feel good inside. Next time you step out into a crowd, be observant of people’s behavior and remember that we are all just trying to keep it together.

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  • seaofwordsx March 30, 2019 at

    Beautiful post 💗 I agree with you. Everyone is struggling in life. We don’t always see it but pain and also happiness in there. Kindness is so important 💗

    • Mbalenhle April 1, 2019 at

      Yes and it’s also not easy for us to express that we are struggling because we don’t like having people feeling sorry for us hey✨. Thanks for stopping by❤

  • Jessica March 28, 2019 at

    Such a beautifully written post! Its like it all goes back to “ everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.. be kind” great post and thanks so much for sharing the encouragement 💕

    • Mbalenhle April 1, 2019 at

      And that is very true, one inconsiderate act could trigger so much to someone so being kind is such an important thing✨. Thanks for reading sis❤

      • Jessica April 1, 2019 at

        You’re welcome ❤️

  • crystalsandcurls March 25, 2019 at

    This is actually crazy when you think about it… kind of amazing though!

    • Mbalenhle March 28, 2019 at

      It iiiis crazy right! Thank you for reading sis💕

  • Ashleyhouck March 25, 2019 at

    I have never actually put too much thought into this idea. It is the reality though. We all walk around thinking what we are going through is the hardest not thinking that anyone else could also be going through hard times. Strangers just seem like people passing by.

    • Mbalenhle March 28, 2019 at

      Yeah, you are quite right hey, we are always just thinking that we are the only ones going through tough times which is why I feel like like it’s so important for us to be kind to one another because something so little could just trigger someone’s feelings and thoughts✨

      • Ashleyhouck April 1, 2019 at

        That is very true. I try my best to always be kind and understanding.

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