Get Tired Already

May 5, 2020 in Motivational - 3 min read

I know you don’t normally hear this kind of advice from anyone and usually motivational speakers and big book authors stop you from doing this but here I am going against them a little by asking you to just GIVE UP ALREADY.

The truth is, it is so much easier to give up than to keep pushing. You know that, right? Well good because I want to encourage you to do that from today. I want you to give up on putting up with people who continuously mistreat you no matter how many times you have expressed how they make you feel. I can promise you this, anyone who cares about you would not hurt you emotionally or physically over and over again. If someone does not change after you have confronted them about something, they will deliberately do it again and use your kindness and forgiving heart to their own benefit.

Get tired of letting your low self-esteem control you. Don’t wait for the day you gain confidence to start a personal project you have been planning on for a long time, the confidence builds up as you go. So start somewhere, start small, anything that will contribute to making your project or dream a success. Acknowledge your progress, even if all you did today was do some research, that’s something. Plan to do as little as you can daily or every other day and watch how your self-esteem rises after every little task.

R E L A T E D | Why You Aren’t Progressing in Life

Thinking that you are not good enough at what you actually love doing is another thing you need to give up. In as much as we all know that nobody is perfect, we seem to always disregard that fact when it comes to ourselves. Do what you love, wholeheartedly – you know how you want to do things so there’s absolutely no right or wrong way to doing whatever it is that you are into and I am quite certain that you are not trying to be an exact replica of someone else. So listen, you are good enough, just believe in your craft.

While we are on that note of being good enough, please give up thinking you are not good enough for someone. First of all, if anyone ever makes you feel that way, how are you convinced that they are good enough for you? You will know when someone is for you – you see it, you hear it and you feel it. If you keep trying to make things work and your energy is not reciprocated, get up and leave. As hard as it may be, do it for yourself, choose yourself because I promise you that sacrificing your mental health for someone who you ‘hope’ loves you will never be worth it.

If you keep trying to make things work and your energy is not reciprocated, get up and leave.

One more thing… putting pressure on yourself. Stop. Now. I know you have plans but listen, if they don’t work out, something else will which might just be way better than what you had been hoping for and this is something I have experienced first-hand a couple of times before. Stop overworking yourself and losing sleep, yes work hard but also take care of yourself. I know we all want to do so many things at once because we feel like we are running out of time but the more things we commit to at once, the more scattered our focus gets and we lose the essence of what we are trying to achieve. Do one thing at a time, focus on what’s important or the bigger task and funnel it down to the smallest tasks.

Although this wasn’t as rebellious as you had probably hoped it would be, I hope you took something away from this post – know when to give up and when not to give up. Life really doesn’t have to be as hard as we think it is, we can pretty much simplify it by evaluating what we invest our time, energy and money on and get tired of stressing about everything else that does not matter.

That’s it for now, 
Mbalenhle K


  • jvtripioauthor May 13, 2020 at

    This post reminded of the Emerson quote I just read. Your post may not have been rebellious in some eyes, I see it as being so, in the same sense as the quote I am thinking of ; “Nothing is more rare in any human, than an act of his own.”

  • mrdeluna May 7, 2020 at

    Nice. Giving is the key!

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