Autumn Highlights

June 5, 2018 in Seasonal Highlights - 9 min read

What a super chilled season it has been for me, I have been away from the mix most of the time and that somehow helped me realize how amazing the people in my life are for being so understanding, making me laugh and supporting me still. Also, this season I tried to avoid spending as much as possible yet I still managed to have fun.

Winter has been crawling in slowly and I am so ready for it because from today until mid-July I will be curled up in bed all day and night. Despite being sick throughout the whole season of Autumn/Fall, there are moments which made me smile, laugh and made my day extra sweet…


So, one of the things on my Bucket List is to get a wax right? Right. I didn’t seem like a big deal to me – it’s just waxing so I decided to do it with my sister and boy was I wrong in thinking that it’s just waxing. Wow! Okay, so my sister helped me wax and I helped her too – that day I learnt that my sister is actually stronger than me because I couldn’t take the pain. Long story short, I had to wear long pants to campus that whole week because I could only go as far as waxing one leg, I had to recover first.



One of my favourite people, Amanda, decided to call just to check up on me… You ever had someone check up on you for 2 hours? Haha, we obviously started talking about our own personal stuff and you know one of the main things I love about our friendship? We never really talk or gossip about other people, all we ever talk about is what we are going through, feeling at that moment, ideas we just came up with, things we want to do together, places we want to visit and anything helpful.



Never would I have thought that a family meeting would be so much fun. First of all, I didn’t plan on going because it was a meeting for the older people to discuss plans for our family Christmas party this coming December but in the morning, my sister called me saying she is coming to fetch us. We got to Pinetown and the meeting really wasn’t serious, mainly because my family is made up of funny people, it was such a nice and chilled day (I actually don’t know where the rest of the pictures went).


I have been driving for some time now and since mom lets me have the car on school days, I had to teach myself how to balance and with a lot of practice on the road from going to school and fetching mom I finally aced it and it made driving so much enjoyable. Also, this one time I was at the mall with my brother I decided to try out reverse parking and because I am so extra, I left all the empty parking spaces to reverse park in between two cars.


  • 500GB OF DATA FOR R50

Yes, there’s no typo there, I meant 500GB not MB… GB! How extra is the network I’m on though? All that for R50! Wild! There is nothing I enjoy more than being on the internet with no stress of running out of data while cuddled up in my warm bed. The only problem with this bargain data is that now I don’t know what sleep is. I really never sleep and get this… the day before it expired (on the 29th day) I checked my balance and guess what? I was still left with 488GB! Imagine! Well, I bought it again and will continue to do so until Telkom realizes that they are crazy.



A guy slid into my DMs on Instagram and merely asked for a coffee date with me. He seemed pretty cool so he scored himself one. The next day, we went to one of my favourite coffee shops and the date was quite refreshing. I love meeting new people and I love being with funny people and funny he was. We exchanged numbers and we’ve been buddies ever since. Haha!


FINALLY! I had beeeeeen wishing for a wig since I matriculated in 2014. All these years it has been quite impossible for me to get one but this year things have been going so well, it’s like the universe just wants me to flourish now. I am super obsessed about my wig and hopefully I’ll be able to get at least 50 more… at least.



I don’t know what it is with me and these sad romantic movies lately hey. This one time I watched a movie titled ‘The Choice’ and I had to force myself to not cry because I don’t like crying when watching a movie but nope I didn’t succeed. This movie emphasizes how important the choices we make in life are and the importance of showing your partner how much you love and appreciate them.


I almost didn’t make it because it came up at a time when I was avoiding human contact by all means but my intuition was like, “Honey, go! You’ll have fun” and fun is all I had. Seeing people I know makes me so happy and seeing them happy to see me makes me that much happier. I didn’t think I would enjoy myself that much considering that I am not a Fresher but haha I hardly saw any freshers there.


I spend the whole day with my chickenbumlet (I swear, as time goes by we are going to forget each other’s real names because we are always calling each other with whatever silly name that comes to mind). We first went to the big KwaZulu-Natal Museum then we both went to the Msunduzi Museum for the very first time, it’s a museum with all the history of my hometown (Pietermaritzburg), the popular street names and the protests that happened. After that we headed to McDonalds for a snack and watched the movie Knock-Knock at home.


I love rolling with my brother and sister because I always have a good time when I am with them. Liberty mall – which is like the main mall in this city got extended, more stores and restaurants were built. Mozambik happened to be one of them so we decided to go try it out – it’s a pretty restaurant with colourful boats on the walls and the drinks are pretty strong hey!


This GIF! Guys! I watched the movie Goodfellas for Film Studies last year and this scene was one of my favourite scenes. A month ago, I saw this GIF on a friend’s Whatsapp story and ever since, I just look at it whenever I want to burst out in laughter and this is exactly how I laugh too…



I remember having this mini argument with my friend when he gave me movie recommendations and I told him that my laptop cannot access the internet anymore and he didn’t believe me – the only I could do with it is just type and listen to music. So, he told me to bring it to school and made me look silly when he fixed it somehow. Forever grateful though because now all I ever do (with that Telkom data) is download new movies and series.


On a Monday afternoon, just before my 3-hour practical, Amanda and I decided to go have coffee or milkshake before she headed back to Durban, so we went to Sagewood but it was too jam packed for our liking so we then went to Franki Bananaz and because they had a bargain meal, we couldn’t resist. While having your meal that the bar, you get to watch the lake and ducks swimming which overall just relaxes you.


The first thing I do every morning when mom wakes me up (AT 6.30 AM!!) to take her to work is opening the curtain to get an idea of how the day will be like and this one morning I captured this sunrise (and lowkey… totally highkey… wished I had a proper camera for this).



I discovered 2 super cool apps which I use when I am bored, especially when I am waiting for someone (or food). Legend is a text animating app which I use to promote and advertise my blogs, it has 20 animation options which are all actually good and you get to choose the colour theme too. InShot is an editing app for videos and pictures, it also has cool features. I edited the Museum Day highlight video using InShot.



Well, this wasn’t the original plan. My friend and I actually planned on going at 11AM but I got caught up with school work we ended up having breakfast at 4PM. It was quite rejuvenating being with her because we hadn’t chilled together and spoke in a long time.



Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the opportunity to ride a camel. They are such slow animals even, come to think of it I’ve never seen a camel run before. The ride was actually very comfortable but woah they have a very weird way of sitting down and standing up, it almost feels like you are going to fall off.


I don’t know when last I actually went to the Royal Show which is an event that happens annually towards the end of May in Pietermaritzburg. This year I went with my mother and sister, my brother went with his friends the day before. My sister had just bought an iPhone the day before so the pictures were hella nice! My mother won a hamper from MultiChoice, we got perfumes at a discount and we even got to bet on ducks… haha yes ducks (toy ducks though) and unfortunately ours did not win the race. Nonetheless, the whole day was actually fun, it was a good way to spend my study break.


How amazing is Amanda though? She got my blog logos printed on 2 t-shirts for me! She knows just how much my blog means to me and this was a beautiful surprise, apparently her goal was to make me cry and she actually succeeded.


Me and never saying No to adventures though… I mean, it wasn’t the first time I was on a zipline but I craved the adrenalin! Okay, so before I set off, I told the guy from Karkloof Canopy Tour that was helping with the harnessing that my main fear is that my weave is going to come off and below the zipline was a flowing river so basically, I would’ve never gotten it back. Haha, he couldn’t wait to see me go but luckily my weave is loyal to me.


Every year honours Drama students cast actors (which are normally drama students too) and they direct a short play as part of their midyear exam. My friends were casted so I definitely wanted to go support and I did, it’s always relaxing to watch theatre plays because you get to watch something happen live.


This was long time overdue, I don’t know how many times my friend and I had been planning on catching up but our schedules just always clashed but we eventually made it happen. I love peaceful and scenic place and Vigour & Verve (V&V) has this chilled outdoor area which was just perfect for that sunny day.


Every morning on our way to mom’s work I would show her the poster by The Witness that advertises The Royal Symphony Concert and there was no way I was going to miss out, and I didn’t. This was such a beautiful experience, it was totally worth waking up early.


I received a wig from AliBliss Wig for me to write a review on. I mean, what? Of course I will! And it’s not just any regular wig, its quality is unmatched but listen I will tell you all about it on my next post okay – 10 June (02:09am CAT).

Aaaaand that’s a wrap, Autumn has been good to me and I hope you had awesome moments too; if not, seasons are changing now hence new opportunities are coming your way.

Reminder: Appreciate your life and the people around you who care about you. You really do not have to have money to have a good time, you don’t have to plan anything even, good things are guaranteed to happen if you stay positive and surround yourself with people who mean a lot to you. Love your life and love yourself, every day is another opportunity for you to try something new – go for it.


  • TailoredbyMeganTaylor August 28, 2018 at

    I loved reading this, autumn is definitely upon us! I’ve written something about autumn myself to show my appreciation for the beautiful season

  • Joan Akob June 6, 2018 at

    Aww it’s so awesome to read about familiar places and experiences. Liberty mall, vigour & verve, the good old royal show which I’m sad to be missing at the moment. I was in PMB for 5 years through out my study at ukzn and it was a struggle sometimes finding fun things to do, but it’s better when you have friends or family to organise fun stuff with, otherwise life can be very quiet there. Glad you’re having much fun! I went for the drama student’s practicals last year and they did like this cult inspired showcase. It was so scary and extra!!!! But UKZN drama students are talented foreal! And as for the one leg shaven, I’m still laughing!

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      Omw Joan! You need to come back for coffee with me🤗💖! You are in Joburg now right? Hopefully I’ll be joining you soon🍃. Thanks for stopping by sis, I’m glad you enjoyed reading 😊

      • Joan Akob June 8, 2018 at

        It’s a plan! When I’m in Pmb next I will let you know! And if you come to Jo’burg at any point also let me know 😊. 😄

  • Karen Wodstrup June 6, 2018 at

    Oh this is such a cute blog post! It’s really making me smile <3 Also, the wig suits you so perfectly xx

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      Thanks so much Karen🤗, I hope you enjoyed your season too 💕. Thank you for the compliment 😊🙈

  • kwongsterslife June 6, 2018 at

    I love This!!

  • Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah June 5, 2018 at

    Mbalenhle you just be catching fun

  • Bryan Fagan June 5, 2018 at

    I must remind myself that this is your winter. We are on the opposite end of seasons.

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      Haha. Yeah Bryan, we are entering winter now and I’m guess yall have summer now😄. Do enjoy 🍃

  • astoldbyali June 5, 2018 at

    Wow you got a lot done! Those shirts are gorgeous. xoxo

    Also, what do you mean by learning how to balance?

  • Jheelam June 5, 2018 at

    The ladies of your house look so gorgeous. 🙂 Such a joyful post.

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      Thank you 😊 and I love them so much even💕! Thanks for reading!

  • crystalsandcurls June 5, 2018 at

    Okay this sounds like an amazing season! Also that wig looks DIVINE on you xx

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      It was so fun sis 🍃! Thank you so much 🤗, it makes me feel so confident 🙌

  • Kim Gorman June 5, 2018 at

    What a beautiful, joyful post!

    • Mbalenhle June 8, 2018 at

      Thank you so much Kim 💕. I’m glad you enjoyed!

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