Ask Me Anything | Instagram Q&A – Part 2

November 10, 2020 in - 6 min read

Earlier this year, I asked people on Instagram to ask me anything they wanted to know – either about me or something they are just concerned or curious about in general. That was such a success, I decided to run another Q&A session and well, here you are.

I am glad the questions asked this time are pretty different from the ones I got previously and it was genuinely so fun to answer these questions. A huge shoutout to everyone that participated. If you would like to read the previous Q&A Session you can find it here and if there are any other questions you would like to ask, you are more than welcome to do so in the comment section below. Let’s go…

Q | How do you stay so motivated?

A | One thing about me is that I am not always motivated – there are days when I wake up and think about the things I have to do, cover my head with the covers and go right back to sleep. However, what I always keep in mind is the fact that my present day and future is completely dependent on me. I also try not to get influenced by other people’s growth – own lane, own pace. There’s quite a number of factors that keep me motivated and you can read about some of them on this blog post – Getting Motivated and Staying There.

Q | Are you going to relocate to the US or go home?

A | That is something I have been thinking about lately. My program ends in February so I basically have less than a month to decide and if I do decide to relocate, I also have to consider how and what I will be doing.

Q | Why am I your role model so much?

A | Woah, hold on now, that’s a bold assumption there. Lol. Jokes aside though, you are one of the bravest and strongest people I know and that’s definitely something that stands out for me.

Q | I legit suffer from procrastination. Do you? And if you do, how do you deal with it?

A | I have never really been one to procrastinate or at least it has never been bad but I realized that in the last couple of months I have procrastinating quite often. More so because I have been mentally drained due to the whole pandemic. However, procrastination is not something that’s hard to beat, using a daily or weekly to-do list that isn’t too long or hard can be quite helpful but I can get into detail about this on a separate blog post.

Q | Would you mentor someone who aspires to be a blogger?

A | Yes! If anything, that is something that I actually want to do. I believe there are thousands of people out there who still want to become a blogger but they might be holding back because they don’t know how to create and run one and there are people who are just afraid to start because they feel as though no one is doing it anymore or that it is a highly saturated field. So yes, I really want to help people who have an idea to create a personal blog or website for their business.

Q | What tips would you give someone who wants to travel along for the first time?

A | My biggest advice would be, “Keep an open mind,” Traveling alone could either be the best or worst experience of your life, there’s literally no in between. Start small, start close. Do just one night or 2 at most for your first solo trip and be quite close to home too, if you have to fly there, that’s pretty far for you. Also, I have a blog post about Planning Your First Solo Trip and hopefully that will be helpful too.

Q | Is it possible to make a sustainable income blogging?

A | Yes, it is possible to make it happen, but the thing is, you would have to work super hard especially if you want to make a living out of it. Also, you would have to come up with multiple streams of income through your blog– so, displaying ads alone or being an affiliate alone won’t help much. You would have to be all over the place but it’s definitely possible. Just as long as you have the time and the dedication, that’s basically all you need.

Q | How do you stay consistent with blogging?

A | One thing that really helps me stay consistent is the fact that I love blogging. I am dedicated to it, it’s my peace. But also, there are times when I just really don’t feel like blogging or I am just so overwhelmed with everything going on around me that I end up not having time to sit down and write but having a schedule helps me with that. I know that on the 10th and 25th of each month I have to post a blog, so that has also helped me stay consistent.

Q | [follow up question] Where do you get your blog post ideas?

A | I am a curious person, so I am constantly asking myself and people random questions and my questions and/or their answers always trigger an idea on what I can write about. Not only that, but I also love observing people’s actions and reactions and another hobby of mine is coming up with a problem people might be facing then thinking of a helpful solution. Just the other day, I noticed that one of the people I follow on Instagram had just stopped posting about their partner like everyday and they had been together for more than 3 years. I didn’t immediately assume that they broke up but just from that I started thinking about how bad it would be if they actually did break up and what would be helpful to that person and so that idea birthed my previous blog post – Let it Hurt You | The Healing Process

Q | Uwugcine nini ujeqe nobhontshisi? (When last did you have steamed bread and beans?)

A | This question is so triggering! This is one of my favorite meals back home and my mother makes it just the way I like it. The last time I had it was probably a month before I left South Africa so that’s almost 2 years ago now *brb, going to cry*.

Q | How are you so beautiful inside and out?

A I swear nothing makes me blush more than one of the most beautiful people I know complimenting me. Like? What do you see? What version of eyes are you using? Lol thank you so much, I appreciate that.

Q | I saw that you went to see a psychic, do you think the things they say happen because they have planted a seed in your head or it’s something that was genuinely going to happen?

A | Hmm, I definitely believe that psychics do have some sort of superpower but not all of them and you can easily tell by how they conduct the session – those who are ‘sketchy’ will ask way too many questions to implant a certain idea in your head. So, they would ask something as general and common like, “Lately have been feeling unsure about something/Lately you are not so sure what decision to make regarding something right?’ and I mean, why else would you go to a psychic? Usually it’s because you are feeling overwhelmed right?

I believe that the things they say happen because you started believing them or because it was going to happen anyway. It’s really hard to say because back in 2017, I was told I will move overseas in the next few years, I didn’t believe it because I had zero intentions to ever leave my city even, let alone my country and so I completely disregarded it until last year when I reflected on this one time I went to see a psychic and that’s when it hit me… I am overseas! I was shocked! Second situation, last year a psychic told me that I am either already pregnant or will be before the year ends, I didn’t believe that either and completely disregarded it too and literally nothing happened. So, it’s really hard to say hey.


  • Xoliswa November 13, 2020 at

    The psychic topic is a sensitive one especially how it was asked…I’m always just afraid “what If they plant a seed that was not even there to begin with” but I’m really tempted to see one just for the experience of it….great blog 💛

    • Mbalenhle November 14, 2020 at

      I feel like when you go see a psychic, you should keep an open mind and not be gullible because I think that’s another thing they can definitely sense. You don’t want them to manipulate you. Trust your gut and your instincts. It’s def something worth experiencing though ☺️

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