A Hard Pill to Swallow

September 25, 2020 in Motivational - 3 min read

Through experiences as a child, teenager and young adult, life has given me countless lessons and revelations that were just too hard to accept. Some traumatizing, some funny, some insightful and some just meh. But that’s pretty much how it has been for all of us, all those experiences we have had – the good and the bad – make up the person we are today. One of the hardest facts to accept though is the fact that how things turn out in your life is completely dependent on you.

It’s so easy and natural to blame everything and everyone around us for how our life is right now and with COVID-19 being a thing, it has made it even easier for us to just be like, ‘Ugh, if it wasn’t for Covid, I would’ve done this and that,’ Yes, I understand that this pandemic has changed our lifestyles and plans but to completely turn a blind eye to our goals right now is actually not Covid’s fault.

Stop looking for excuses, stop looking for a reason to not go after what you want. What people don’t realize is that pretty much every day we do something or say something that will contribute to how our future will be. A little attitude towards your boss today could determine whether you will get to move up to a higher position in a few months or years.

What people don’t realize is that pretty much every day we do something or say something that will contribute to how our future will be

Deciding to stay with your toxic partner today will determine how mentally and emotionally damaged you are in the future and how you will treat your partners too. Convincing yourself not to start that business because the field is highly saturated will determine if you’ll be successful or not.

It’s really that simple hey. What you should also consider are the thoughts you have in your head daily about yourself. You can be toxic to yourself too! If you are constantly bringing yourself down by thinking that you aren’t worth it, you aren’t enough and you won’t amount to anything, how can you possibly expect things to go well for you. Again, you will start blaming everything else for how your life is because you refuse to check yourself and realize that it’s all you, you are hindering yourself from being great.

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Another thing, what you spend your time and money on. Phew! That plays a huge role in how things turn out because whatever you spend more time and/or money on is pretty much your lifestyle. You choose your lifestyle, you choose what to pay more attention to and what you choose creates your future in such a subtle way and you will only realize this later in life and most likely feel some kind of remorse for your decisions in your past.

Be mindful of the people that you hang out too, not to say that you should only be friends who wake up every day sending you inspirational quotes and messages or people who are always talking business. Pay attention to the kind of conversations you have together and how you act when you are around them.

Yes, there are factors that linger around to slow down our growth, but you know it and I know it that whatever you set your mind to, you can do despite not having enough resources or financial help. You can always start somewhere. Keep in mind that you are the only one standing in your way, there is literally no one to blame for how things turn out to be in your future.

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  • Jeff Flesch September 25, 2020 at

    Beautiful site. Love this post. Though the language is a little different, the context is the same. I often say, create your future from your future. Otherwise, we are simply creating yesterday over and over again. It’s up to us. Again, love the site, love the post. Thank you. Be well.

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