7 Ways to Make it Through the Week

April 5, 2020 in - 4 min read

By now I am pretty certain we are all starting to lose our minds due to coronavirus and in as much as we can try to shut down our thoughts and anxiety by laughing at memes about it, the truth of the matter is that we are all very concerned; as we should. All of a sudden, days seem to drag and our patience is being tested by everyone around us but I guess it’s true that you never really appreciate something until it’s gone or taken away from you – who would’ve thought that outside would be ‘closed’? This is not the 2020 I signed up for. 

Nonetheless, we really just have to do what we have to do to get things back to normal again – and who would’ve thought staying indoors would save the world? Introverts been knew. Well, for now we don’t have much of a choice but to take it one day at a time and here are some ways to help you get through the week and these tips are not just for this social distancing period but even when things are normal again…

1 | Get enough sleep

It’s been said that an adult should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to remain healthy and cope well with the day ahead however but honestly, it is not necessary. Just get enough rest, whatever ‘enough’ is to you – whether it is 6 hours or 7. If you wake up feeling groggy after 6 hours of sleep then that was not enough for you, try 7! As we grow older and responsibilities pile up, we do start neglecting sleep although we all really just love it but focus on making it your priority to get enough sleep.

2 | Talk to a friend

After a long day of either working or being alone with your thoughts, talk to someone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend, it can be your parent, lover or even a stranger on social media who is also willing to listen and talk to you too. Vent about what happened, tell them about how unlucky you got today and watch how it will lighten up your mood when you actually think about it and tell it to someone else.

3 | Do not take anything personally

Each and every day we work and interact/encounter with people – people we know and complete strangers. We cannot control what they say or do to us and people can be quite insensitive especially if they don’t really know you that well. Whatever it is that people say to you or whatever cruel acts they do, choose to react appropriately by not taking it to the heart. Of course, if it becomes repetitive, do confront it. Smile it off and go about your day.

R E L A T E D || Getting Motivated and Staying There

4 | Find a good series and commit to it

Find something on TV that sparks your interest. It has to be a series or TV show though, something you will look forward to watching every day. Watch about an episode or two after dinner just to unwind. Watching fiction helps you clear your mind and takes you to a little world that doesn’t really exist where you are the witness to everything that is happening and during that time, nothing else in the world matters.

5 | Sing or rap to your favorite music

Listening to music is probably one of the most therapeutic activities to do. There are all kinds of genres and they each spark a different kind of mood, so depending on the day you had, you know what music you should crank up. Singing and/or rapping along is the ultimate stress-reliever, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at singing/rapping or if you know the lyrics or not, just go for it!

6 | Get a hobby

Start doing something you really love doing, something you have a passion for. Learn how to cook, do some crafting or play video games – whatever it is that you do has to be something you know will take your mind off things and make sure it is also something you will not dread, you have to look forward to doing it pretty much every day.

7 | Do not complain

Do what you have to do without complaining. You know you have a school assignment to do and you know you would get assignments if you registered for a course, so why complain now when it’s time for you to do it. Also, when you applied for your job, they told you that you start working at 8am, so do not complain when that alarm goes off and contemplate why you have to go to work, you knew about this! Just do what you have to do.

That’s it for now, I hope you all stay safe and let’s do this again soon.


  • kaylin speaks April 17, 2020 at

    Interesting. I will borrow a few tips here to compile something on my blog. Thanks

  • Fy April 5, 2020 at

    As i was reading this, I couldn’t help but realise how similar our writing style is (if that makes any sense.) I was reading this in my own pace and tone and it made it flow so well. I love the ideas you have put out there, especially the no complaining. Sometimes a little gratitude for what we have, and can do goes a long way to setting the mood for the day/week. Stay safe, look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 x

    • Mbalenhle May 4, 2020 at

      I absolutely love that you can relate to the writing style❤️. And l totally agree, showing gratitude is so important when it comes to self-love and staying positive. Thank you so much for stopping by ✨

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