5 Steps to Take Before Starting a Blog

April 15, 2020 in - 5 min read

After so many years, it’s quite interesting that blogging is still so relevant and when you come to think of it, bloggers are necessary because we all rely on the internet for any sort of information and bloggers play a huge role in providing us with important and helpful content. If you want to read a review on a particular book, a blogger has already got you covered, if you want to know how to start a business, a blogger has got you covered too. With that said, it’s pretty obvious that in the blogging world it’s a matter of ‘survival of the fittest’ – if you do not work hard you will fall off the sidetrack where it will be hard for you to grow, so you have to put in the work.

Having a blog and maintaining it is a full-time job on its own. From my personal experience, dedication  and consistency are the only two things that will help you reach your blogging goals. Fall in love with your blog before you even create it and do everything with love and intention. Don’t be in a hurry to launch your blog, take some time to figure out what is it that you want to give your audience and how you are going to do that and once that is out of the way, begin with these few steps…

1 | Blog name

If you don’t spend hours and days thinking about this, you probably haven’t taken your blog serious yet. Naming your blog is very important because whatever you decide to name it will stick with you forever. Yes, you can change your blog name at anytime but you don’t want to take the risk of losing your audience because of bad brand management. What you name your blog should give us an idea as to what it’s about. For instance, if you are going to name it ‘Lily’s Kitchen’ then as an audience we will be expecting meal recipes and if you name it something like ‘Where is Lily’ then we will be expecting travel content. Take as much time as you need to actually come up with a perfect name, avoid making it too typical but also don’t make it too vague.

2 | Logo

What you need to understand from the get go is that your blog is your brand and if you know anything about branding then you should know that a logo is one of the fundamental elements of your whole brand. Your logo should reflect your blog – think about colors, fonts and shapes to use and know the different connotations or interpretations of each color, font style and shape. Just like your blog name, your logo should be constant, you don’t change a logo every month or every year even, think about something you won’t get tired of for at least the next 10 years.

R E L A T E D | The Benefits of Having a Blog

3 | Scheduling

Now this is something you might brush off and think it’s not that important but trust me, having a set schedule for your blog will help you stay consistent and your audience will retain their trust in you. There are 2 things you need to schedule: 1, When you are going to write your blogs and 2, when you are going to publishing them. With the 1st point, you don’t necessarily have to pressure yourself but have a specific time when all you will do is stare at your notebook or computer screen, writing content for your blog and I say you shouldn’t be too strict on yourself with this because inspiration can hit you in the most random moments during the day and that’s good because when it’s time to sit down and type your blog, you already have some points. The most important thing to schedule though is when to publish. Establish how often you will be posting on your blog – will it be every Tuesday? Every 4 days or on the 10th and 20th of every month? Once you have figured out what will work best for it, stick to it. Try to post at least twice a month.

4 | Marketing strategy

To get your work out there, you still need to do some work after actually publishing it and that’s to market your blog. You need to convince people to click on your link and want to check out more blogs you have written. This is when social media comes into place, utilize every single platform you have to promote your latest post without spamming people or annoying them, make it fun, use graphics, add pictures, add gifts or even give them a little glimpse of what your blog is about this time. Basically, your goal here is to make people stop what they are doing and read your blog.

5 | About (me) page

Having an About page on your blog is super important because people want to know what they are in for so that they don’t waste their time scrolling through your blog to see if you have some particular content. Your About page should tell your audience what you and your blog are all about. We want to get to see your personality through it so feature some facts about you, they don’t have to be serious, you could mention that you love pineapples and binging on crime documentaries and also mention that you have a masters degree in journalism and that’s what sparked your passion for writing and inspired you to start your blog. Tell us what to expect from your blog and how often you post and how we can reach you too. Your About page can potentially score you clients who would like to either use your work, collaborate with you or sponsor you.

G O O D  N E W S !

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That’s it for now, take care of yourself ✨

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