10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

August 5, 2019 in - 5 min read

I haven’t posted anything ‘me’ related lately and I love introducing myself to my readers through various personal articles and well, this is one of them. We all have these minor (or sometimes major) attributes that not so many people actually know about, even those who have known you for years. Some of my attributes are surprising, some are weird and some are just funny but read on to see for yourself…


It has been my struggle for so many years now and I mean, it’s sort of embarrassing because some people can say it with ease meanwhile, I just see it as a regular tongue-twister. I always comfort myself by saying that there are many people who struggle with this word too hence why we have the shorter version of it, ‘stats’


I bet if you were to combine the letters of your first name and last name/surname, it still wouldn’t sum up to 17 or more. Lol. Yeah well, weird flex but I have a name that is 17 letters alone. It’s not really my official name and I have always assumed that it’s because it’s too long to be in any certification alongside my first name and my last name – it would be a whole paragraph! I never share this name because people could easily just forget about my first name and use that one instead.


This is one of those things I tell people and their initial response is always, “You don’t eat candy?! What do you mean you don’t eat candy? Are you even human?” Lol uhh yes, that’s quite true, I am not a fan of candy. I probably was one when I was young but I can’t even remember. It’s really not like I choose to not eat candy because of health reason, I just generally don’t like it.


I don’t really know the English word for this but it’s basically a protruding bellybutton [see image below]. When I say protruding bellybutton, I mean like reeaally out there. I actually don’t know why and how but as a kid, it never bothered me, I knew I had it and it showed through everything I would wear. I also don’t know why and how but as I grew older, it started getting smaller and smaller and I am really glad it did because I know there would’ve been a time in my life when I would be crazy insecure about it. I still have the little bump but now it’s not even noticeable.


Yeah, I’m not big on hugs. If I can see that I can avoid it, I do so but I never reject a hug when someone is coming for one so I’m not completely a bad person. I kind of find hugs weird, especially those greeting/goodbye hugs – the ones you give someone today, tomorrow and the day after that. The only hugs I don’t really mind are those you get from someone you haven’t seen in a while (and it has to be someone who actually means something to me) and farewell hugs (if you or someone is going away for a while).


I am one of those people who sleep with socks on every night because my feet are always and I mean always cold. I recently started thinking that I am actually sick, this is probably some sort of disease that I don’t know of because there’s no actual way I can be feeling cold 24/7. It gets embarrassing sometimes because while everyone is walking around in shirts, I’ll be casually walking around in sweatpants and a sweatshirt (and probably still shivering).


This would definitely fall under the ‘surprising’ category. Haha. Before you change your whole perception of me, let me be more precise… I am very aggressive, verbally! I am easily triggered by what people say to me and this is mainly because I am generally kind, helpful, welcoming and entertaining to people plus I am a petite woman and to people, that’s just a perfect combination because to them it means that they can walk all over me and say whatever they want to say and I will smile it off. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I cannot control my mouth when someone disrespects me, I say mean, harsh and rude things that I honestly never regret saying. I never let it slide so when you say something and I turn to you and say, ‘Angizwa?’ (come again/pardon) just go ahead and apologize because what follows after that will not be nice lol


Weird, I know. I don’t even know what the explanation to this could possibly be. Whenever it’s too hot and I start sweating, it’s normally just under one armpit and the other one would be as dry as my texting apps. On the other hand, when I am exercising, I do sweat under both armpits and this is something I will never understand.


Listen, I do not know how to successfully crack an egg. Whenever I try to do so, I either waste it on my hands then the york drops too and it’s over or I manage to crack it into the cup or pan but when that happens, there’s usually more shell pieces in there than the actual egg. Send help!


Whenever I am feeling low and unmotivated, my blog tends to be my go-to place, not because it’s my blog and I just want to re-read what I wrote, I do it because I always manage to find an article that is perfect for the situation I am in at that moment. If I need motivation on not giving up, I find it here, if I need a ‘clearer’ understanding to how life works, I find it here and if I need a good laugh, I find it here too. Recently, I read the article ‘Now is Not the Right Time’ and everything just made sense again.

That’s it for now,

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more. Is there anything people don’t know about you that you would like to share? Feel free to do so on the comment section below.


  • Anita October 26, 2019 at

    I really like the idea of reading your own blogs to remotivate..x

    • Mbalenhle October 29, 2019 at

      It really helps hey, and thank you so much for stopping by🌈

  • migueltio August 7, 2019 at

    You are wonderful, beautiful, and totally amazing!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • bricuzisaidso August 6, 2019 at

    i love this post & that you just gave me the best blogging motivation tip ever!!
    Love getting to know my fav boss bloggers better!
    xo Bri

    • Mbalenhle August 10, 2019 at

      Oh hunnay 🤗 thank you so much for stopping by, much appreciated!💕💕

  • Vrunda August 5, 2019 at

    It was so honest! I enjoyed knowing more about you💕

    • Mbalenhle August 10, 2019 at

      Thank you hun, I’m glad you enjoyed this post 😊💕

  • Christopher "Acapella " Bland August 5, 2019 at


    10 things…

    Well first and for most that coat or seater or jacket you got on is the kool af! 👌👌👌

    I’ll keep it short and unsweetened…

    1. I love sandwichs

    2. I don’t like being in large crowds

    3. I’m shy…

    some people take it like I’m the man version of stuck up

    4. Ive been boxing sence I was a young teen

    5. I’m a chilled loner that can’t stand loud and rude people

    6. I’ve had 4 family members that were on “Americas most wanted criminals”

    7. when I’m mad or angry or just Adjatated I get very silent

    8. I love “Reese peanut butter cups”

    9. I learned how to do basic math on paper 7 or 8 years ago

    10. my first time going to jail I was 12years old

    I went because I was standing in front of a convenient store loitering for no less then a minute….😂

    • Mbalenhle August 10, 2019 at

      Haha I love how you started off so lightly and switched up at point 6 and up 😅. What’s your favorite sandwhich? Also, I dont think that you being shy makes you a stuck up ☺️

      • Christopher "Acapella " Bland August 10, 2019 at

        Thank you!✊

        well you no I feel like with everything in life.

        you have to start off softy.

        I just never got the memo… hahaha

        My favorite sandwich is enything that ain’t vegan.

        I don’t think people understand the difference between shy
        and stuck up…

        I just don’t like people around me. or staring at me that I don’t no.

        I’m a hermit… and proud of it✊

        I stay clear of bad Intentions and fake people.

        and I kick it with my fam… nuff said✊

        • Mbalenhle August 11, 2019 at

          😅Ugh I LOVE THIS! Oh yeah same, I dont like anything that’s vegan but I do actually want to challenge myself to go vegan for like a week 🤔. Haha I actually like staring at people, especially those who are clearly saying something about me to the person/people they are with

          • Christopher "Acapella " Bland August 11, 2019 at


            OK look…

            when you finish forcing yourself to eat vegan…

            and by the time you finish dry heaving and throwin up…

            just from letting your tounge hit the food…

            tell me how it taste ok. lol’😂

            God rest her soul but my grand mother always said…

            if God didn’t want us to eat chicken or beef…

            they would have given them all long legs and the speed of a cheetah….

            Wit here side gold ass tooth blinging.


  • LaToya August 5, 2019 at

    Hello, it was great getting to know you more! I don’t eat sweets, candy, or anything of that sort either. Great post!

    • Mbalenhle August 10, 2019 at

      Finally someone who can relate to me 😅. Some people actually find it strange because I am always hyper so they wonder where I get the sugar rush from all the time ☺️

      • LaToya August 11, 2019 at

        Yes. I totally understand that!

  • Lina Ouria August 5, 2019 at

    Loved this post 😍 I can totally relate to the last one 🙏

    • Mbalenhle August 10, 2019 at

      Thanks for stopping by Lina, much much appreciated 💕

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