“Wisdom is better than silver and gold” – Lauryn Hill

October 13, 2016 in Articles, Motivational - 2 min read

How wealthy we are is usually measured by tangible possessions. It is quite automatic for the human brain to claim that one is wealthy if they receive fat monthly paychecks and can afford expensive tangible assets. Nonetheless, the money along with the tangibles are things we can lose any day. Just like how we are unaware that we could lose material riches any day, we are also unaware that knowledge measures how wealthy we are.

Although one may be easily recognized and respected when they are moneyed, being in possession of a lot of money does not have as many benefits as opposed to being wise. Having money is beautiful because you do not have to worry much about checking the price tag whenever you want something and your stomach is forever and always doing somersaults as a result of satisfaction. Having money comes along with an advantage of getting out of most tight situations – money works wonders, it speaks on your behalf. However, with money we are obliged to secure our riches and might live with the perpetual fear of having it stolen. Money may make one hungry for more and when it has come to that point, alternative unlawful ways to make money become the first option.

On the other hand, what really defines ‘wealth’ is completely neglected. We frequently hear ‘Knowledge is power’ thrown around by whoever and whenever but that saying is deeper than we think. Unlike money (which you have to keep safe at all times), knowledge keeps you safe. It protects you from illegal things, making irrational decisions and constantly engaging in social gatherings that will not contribute in helping you grow. With knowledge, one knows the legal and effective ways to generate money into their bank accounts, but with just the possession of money one might not know how to keep it since they cannot buy knowledge with it.

The more one knows, the richer they are but depending only on education we receive from the system for knowledge just isn’t enough. Be on the know with what is happening in your community and in the world overall because that will make you richer. Another way to boost your wealthiness is to read! Read about topics that are trending, read about topics that are not trending and train yourself to think critically about them even if your thoughts go against the mass. Know how to support your claims without offending your opposers.

We need to take note that knowledge is more important and necessary than money – it rules the world. Merely being aware of the fact that knowledge has greater power, means that you are already on the verge of being wealthy. Educate yourself and excite your brain.

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