There’s No Place Like Hope

September 30, 2017 in Articles, Motivational - 2 min read

I hope that all your dreams and wishes would come to life.

I hope that you find the happiness you are seeking.

I hope you receive all that you feel you deserve.

I hope all your loved ones never forsake you.

I hope that you never give up on what you want.

And I hope your intuition never fails you.

I hope you learn how to deal with your anxiety and depression.

I hope you keep in mind that you are worth it.

I hope you never neglect yourself in the mist of making those around you happy.

I hope you give yourself time to grow and time to heal when you are hurt.

I hope you practise self-love and fall in love with yourself.

I hope you learn to love your imperfections and laugh at your flaws.

I hope you accept yourself and never change just so that you can fit in.

I hope you don’t ever cry alone with no one to talk to.

I hope you stay positive through everything that intends to pull you down.

And I hope you know that you are beautiful.

I hope you find someone who will listen to you and shows a trinket of interest in what you have to say.

I hope you find someone who will motivate, encourage and support you in everything you commit to.

I hope you find someone who will constantly challenge your mind and keep you on your toes.

I hope you find someone who feels as though you are worth keeping and fighting for.

I hope you find someone who will always be there for you when they are needed.

I hope you find someone who will focus on you only and not lead anyone else on.

I hope you find someone who will know how blessed they are to have you.

I hope you find someone who will try to get to know you hence avoid hurting you.

I hope you find someone who will be able to voice out their feelings to show you they care.

I hope you find someone who will listen to your concerns and act upon them. 

I hope you find someone who will fight to see you laugh and smile everyday.

I hope you find someone who will make you feel different and relevant.

I hope you find someone who will applaud you when necessary and push you to do and be better.

I hope you find someone who will never make you doubt yourself.

And if you don’t find them, I hope you learn to become that person for yourself.


  • MissKymmiee October 6, 2017 at

    wow! This is really incredible.

  • Vilina Christoph October 4, 2017 at

    Yes, I think that person needs to be us first. And then that other person who holds all these qualities will be attracted. Sadly, when we put those expectations externally first, we tend to get disappointed quickly.

  • mburablog October 3, 2017 at

    wow! that was so beautiful.

  • chigoblogs October 2, 2017 at

    beautiful and inspiring…

  • seaofwordsx October 2, 2017 at

    So beautiful πŸ’œπŸ’• Need this

  • Mariam Shittu October 1, 2017 at


  • johnsmithiiimxiii October 1, 2017 at

    There really is no place like hope, always so many possibilities. Thanks.

  • beardsandblush October 1, 2017 at

    What a beautiful affirmation for the start of the month β™‘

  • Cherylene October 1, 2017 at

    Well said! πŸ™‚ Beautiful!

  • hell0chloe October 1, 2017 at

    Beautiful πŸ’ž

  • lauzieslifestyle October 1, 2017 at

    What a beautiful poem! It is so true, if we cannot find those things, we have to look for them within us. And know that we deserve them. X

  • ameliacdowling September 30, 2017 at

    That last line πŸ‘ this is so beautiful and what everyone needs to hear xx

  • whatismaria September 30, 2017 at

    So so beautiful and emotional – really loved reading this ❀️

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