The Thin Line

October 5, 2016 in Articles, Motivational - 3 min read

Quite often, living for the moment is confused with completely or partially damaging your future. What you do in your youthful years has a crucial role to play later in your life and you are pretty oblivious to this because you feel the necessity to go buck crazy while you are still young, fearing that you will have that privilege taken away from you in the future by your spouse and your children. That is where the thin line lies… Enjoying your youth and destroying your future.

In our teenage years and early 20s we commit ourselves to thoughtless behaviour(s) in the name of, “I gotta enjoy my young years before l get married”. We do not want to be left out, we get pressured by our dear peers and sometimes get jealous when our friends share stories about their experiences and whether it is a good or bad experience we still want a taste too. We feel as though our parents are depriving us of the ‘nice life’ and find our ways around them – going out through ventilators might have been an option too at some stage.

The things we end up doing are things we might not be proud of later. They might be some things we wouldn’t want to share with our future spouses and there might be some things we wish our children will never find out about and we will constantly pray and hope our children do not end up being a duplicate version of us of when we were young. It is so sad that these are problems we might have to deal with that we solely created out of unconsciousness.

Yes, not all of us are victims of this life-trap. The problem is probably that when we are young, we do not spend much time in solitude. We do not spend much time thinking about our lives, thinking about what we are doing and where we are going with what we are doing. We are quick to hide behind, ‘It is/was just a stage hey’. Not much thought is put in our youth years hence we might have to put up with friends who will forever and always remind us of how silly we used to be even when we are over that life. Only then will we realize that those silly stunts we pulled eons ago have a potential of actually lowering our standards.

What we probably do not understand is that we need to shift our focus more on getting life-partners that will be down to do anything with us. Anything! We need to focus on keeping friends that know what’s good for us and gaining those that help our souls grow. We need to shift our focus on getting life-partners that will be fine with you going out and getting hammered as long as you know your way back to the right bed. If your focus is was embedded on such from the word go, then the risks of having regrets later would have been minimized. The sad thing is, we do not realize how much it would suck when our future spouses want to experience and experiment something ‘new’ with us but we have already been there, done that and the thought of going back makes us sick. It’s not too late to shift your focus because the line between enjoying your young years and destroying your future is very fragile. Handle it with care.

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  • Lumka MakaSmanga Zikalala December 16, 2016 at

    love this!

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