The Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

August 25, 2020 in Marketing - 4 min read

Nowadays, marketing isn’t just for marketers or people who own big businesses. It’s also for small influencers and people who aren’t influences at all for that matter. Think about it this way, if you have at least one social media account, be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, one of your goals is to gain followers. You are not just there to watch what people are doing with their lives, you also what them to see what you are doing with yours. So, that’s where marketing comes in, that’s where you have to market yourself to get in front of their faces.

I have been a blogger for 4 years now and in those 4 years, I have been consistently growing my audience and making sure that my work reaches more people after every post. There are numerous ways of which you can reach out to people to get them on board with what you are all about but I have found that the most effective one that makes people stay is Storytelling.


Now I know what you are already thinking, “Storytelling is fairytales and happy endings” but no, far from it actually. When it comes to marketing, storytelling is not fiction, it’s facts. It’s everything you have experienced, everything you have learnt, everyone that has impacted you either positively or negatively and it’s all the knowledge you have attained up to this day.


In an attempt to lure people in and persuade them to listen to you and trust you, you need to master the art of storytelling. As human beings, we are naturally drawn to people who we can relate to, people who have had similar experiences to us and people who are currently living the life we aspire to live.

In order for you to effectively market yourself and your brand you have to be someone people naturally find trustworthy. If you are selling something – products, services or even just your lifestyle through aesthetics – you need people to trust that you will consistently deliver quality content and/or products. Storytelling will help you bring in the right people who will be committed to you and your work.


The goal is for you to make yourself as relatable and open as possible so that people find it easy to trust you. Share your wins and failures with your audience through social media posts. If you are a budding chef or baker, tell your audience what inspired you to start, tell them all the struggles you went through to get where you are right now, tell them where you hope to see your business in a few months or years to come. Short ‘behind the scenes’ content also falls part of storytelling; you want to make people feel involved in your life and welcome to approach you.

The goal is for you to make yourself as relatable and open as possible so that people find it easy to trust you.


It is important that you know that you are sharing these stories with an audience that can actually help you grow. Your audience has to be beneficial to you as much as you will be beneficial to them with all the information or ‘vibes’ you will be providing them with.

If your company is all about improving the living conditions in some country in Europe for instance, your message and purpose will not be heard if the majority of your audience lives in USA. Make sure you add hashtags on you posts and analyze your statistics every now and then to see how your content is being distributed.

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You do not have to have a story for every post them you upload on social media; however, it is necessary to reflect your brand’s personality or yours. If you went to the beach to relax, you do not have to attach a story about how your aunt once forgot about you at the beach when you were 8 years old. It’s not that deep. Use storytelling to promote something that you are doing or if you haven’t posted anything recently that has to do with getting to know you and your brand better.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be hard. We all have stories to tell and we all love having a connection with someone or a certain brand. Make use of storytelling to help you and/or your brand succeed and have fun while you are at it.


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  • Cole Correia March 17, 2021 at

    Just found your blog and thank God I have. You have great content. I loved this one because it made a point to speak about the magic of storytelling and how it can really affect your brand and marketing. Great stuff 🙂

    • Mbalenhle March 19, 2021 at

      I am so glad you found my blog and you love it! Hopefully you can succeessfully apply these tips onto your marketing strategies ☺️

      • Cole Correia March 19, 2021 at

        I’ll try my best! Keep up the great content 😊

  • Ramon Jose Garcia October 28, 2020 at

    Thanks a lot. I really needed this. I will use this in my new career as a virtual assistant

  • jenifd22 October 21, 2020 at

    great tips. the needs of the target audience and produce worthy content to attract them are very important to be successful in #social_media_marketing

  • Leif Price September 18, 2020 at

    Thanks for sharing great tips!

  • ashley September 3, 2020 at

    These are great tips! Storytelling is so important for authenticity, it will definitely attracted a genuine audience. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mbalenhle September 4, 2020 at

      Yes, absolutely, storytelling definitely brings you all the right people who will engage with your content ☺️

  • Digital Hub September 3, 2020 at

    Great content. I’m going to follow some of your advise. Thank you for sharing this..

    • Mbalenhle September 4, 2020 at

      Thank you so much for reading, I am glad you found it helpful ✨

  • danecrouser August 27, 2020 at

    awesome tips!

  • Masha August 26, 2020 at

    Great article, I’m going to follow some of your advise. Thank you. xoxo

    • Mbalenhle August 27, 2020 at

      You are so welcome, thank you for stopping by ✨

  • Nompumelelo Mkhize August 26, 2020 at

    This really puts thing into perspective for me . Thank you will definitely try this

    • Mbalenhle August 27, 2020 at

      I’m glad you found it helpful! Best of luck g 💕

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