The Benefits of Having a Blog

October 5, 2018 in - 4 min read

First of all, let me just start off by wishing my baby Budding Regardless a happy happy happy 2nd birthday and thanking each and everyone of you who have been loyal readers and visitors to this blog, if you have subscribed already thank you for allowing me to share links with you via email every time I publish an article. You keep inspiring me to keep going and I shall keep budding regardless of all the minor obstacles and turbulences I go through which help me grow. Thank you and Happy 2nd Birthday Budding Regardless.

Blogs, just like journals, have been around for as long as I can remember but they were mainly created by people who merely used their blogs to share their personal day-to-day shenanigans. This is probably why some people either have this uninterested look on their face when you tell them that you have a blog or assume that you are bored with your life and you have too much time in your hands. However, nowadays having a blog/website can pretty much bless your life.

Now, you are probably wondering what exactly the difference between a blog and a website is. Simply put, a website is more professional with formal content and typically used for business (but not restricted to just business) and a blog, on the other hand, is less professional and so is the content. Also, you could have a blog and a website all under one domain by separating business and pleasure into different pages and here are the benefits of having your own blog:

1. We are living in the digital era, everything is online these days – shops, study courses, restaurant menus… the list is honestly endless. With that said, companies are constantly trying to better themselves and stay at the top of the food chain, so if they can see that you have knowledge on how to create and run a blog, you could just bag yourself a job because not so many people know how to.

2. It makes you want to do more and be more. Since blogging introduces you to all sorts of people in the blogging community, you become inspired to do new things and experiment to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. This also helps you ‘find’ yourself if you have been struggling to discover who you are and what you are all about.

3. It boosts your confidence and you become a better communicator. Given that having a blog requires you to have a voice, state your opinions and be helpful, you ultimately gain confidence when you see your blog stats and realize that people out there are reading what you are saying and giving you feedback. You also become better at communicating because you will find yourself constantly having to respond to people’s feedback on your blog and in person so in a sense, you are forced to communicate and the more you do it, the better at it you become.

4. You become more open-minded, outspoken and understanding. Your blog is literally just like your own home, you can paint it black, you can reshuffle the furniture and you can cook dinner at 1am if you want to – you can say and do whatever you want to do on your blog and whenever and however. Having a blog encourages you to speak about things you are afraid to talk about because you know that it is a space that you own and reading other blogs makes you understand other people’s standpoints on certain topics and furthermore motivates you to be a critical thinker.  

5. You could promote yourself and/or your brand. No matter how ‘small’ you think you are, you will probably need a blog to help you grow. Whether you are an artist (painter, illustrator, poet, photographer…), fitness coach, selling clothing or beauty products – having a professional blog will help build yourself loyal customers and readers and you are easily recommendable to others if your content, services or products are of good quality (having a natural welcoming aura is a bonus).

6. The joys of being your own boss! In as much as blogging can be seen as just a hobby, it’s more of a business than anything else – we all intend to gain a lot of traffic and subscribers and stay relevant and none of that is any easy. You have to schedule your posts, engage with people, monitor your statistics to see what works and what doesn’t and understand the internet including social media… Only the fittest survive. However, the mere fact that you are managing yourself ultimately helps you become a better person in terms of self-discipline, time management and communicating.

If this does not convince you to grab your notepad and start jotting down ideas on what kind of blog or website you want to have then I don’t know what will. Also, I am here for you, if you ever need help with starting a blog, go to my Services page or contact me at and I will do my best to help you get started.

That’s it for now.


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  • ashlynkatexo November 26, 2018 at

    Awh I loved this post!

  • Softly Blooming November 5, 2018 at

    Lol I’ve just started my 5th blog, I hope this one stays. Goes to show how much i enjoy writing – it’s authentic and a great way to get people lost in our little stories or our lives.

    • Mbalenhle November 16, 2018 at

      5th blog sis? Then you most definitely love writing🤗 Blogging really just gives us that platform to tell our stories to the world hey💞. Happy Blogging 🍃

      • Softly Blooming November 16, 2018 at

        5th, as in “I keep starting, then deleting blogs” type of 5th. lol

        • Mbalenhle November 16, 2018 at

          If you keep going back it’s because you love it😅🤗

  • seaofwordsx October 11, 2018 at

    Love this post ❤️I agree with all of them. I love blogging and feeling that this is a safe place to just write about anything without feeling judged. The blogging community is just so beautiful. Happy 2th blogging anniversary 🎉 Keep going!

    • Mbalenhle October 13, 2018 at

      I know right🤗! It feels so safe here and ultimately makes us happy 💖. Thank you so so much 🍃🤗

  • Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah October 8, 2018 at

    So True Mbalenhle!

    Wow Budding regardless is two? I should toast to that from here!

    It’s been two years of tapping off your awesomeness keep being awesome and sharing wonderful things with us.

    Love ❤

    • Mbalenhle October 9, 2018 at

      A whole 2 years old😁! Thank you so much Deshi, you are amazing🍃

  • Felix Onyango October 8, 2018 at

    Amazing insights. 2 Yrs in the game and still growing deserves an applause

    • Mbalenhle October 9, 2018 at

      Thank you so much Felix😄! Much much appreciated 🌻

  • Ashley October 7, 2018 at

    Love this! Before I started my blog I googled something like ‘should i start a blog’ and fell into a black hole of advice on ‘how to make money off your blog’ for a couple of months.. I feel like this post is what I should have read instead! Especially on wanting to do more and being a better communicator.

    Happy 2nd birthday! x

    • Mbalenhle October 13, 2018 at

      Omw, thank you so much for your kind words🤗! I used to mainly google ‘how to start a blog’ and searching how to make money off it actually made me realise that my intentions of having a blog would start to change. Thank you so so much sis💖

  • Nicculent October 6, 2018 at

    happy 2nd blogiversary, I love this comment!

  • SpiritualJourney17 October 6, 2018 at

    Blogging is a form of therapy. 😃 Happy 2nd blogerversary!

    • Mbalenhle October 13, 2018 at

      That is so true🍃 blogging and reading blogs always keep me calm💖. Thank you so much 🍾

  • soyvirgo October 6, 2018 at

    So true. Having a blog gave me more confidence since I was publishing my thoughts to people, and they completely relate to me. Also being my own boss is such a good feeling 🙂
    ― Kiki

    • Mbalenhle October 13, 2018 at

      YASS Kiki! I feel the same too! Blogging is super fun💖🤗

  • Shereen October 6, 2018 at

    Yes!! I think everyone should have a blog

    • Mbalenhle October 13, 2018 at

      Same!🤗 So they can experience these benefits with us💖

  • Mackenzie October 5, 2018 at

    Amen to all of this!

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