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Che Tulum Hostel & Bar | Tulum, Mexico

February 25, 2020 - 4 min read

I booked myself a birthday trip this year and after weighing down all my options, Mexico seemed to be the perfect fit for the kind of experience I was in the mood for. So, on the 7th of February I set…

A Self-Discovery Session | Part II

February 5, 2020 - 5 min read

Sometime ago, I wrote my first Self-Discovery Session and I found that honestly answering thought-provoking questions, really impacted the way I see myself. Sometimes we don’t heal from our traumas because we are in denial of how we feel and…

Budding Regardless Presets Now Available

January 25, 2020 - 5 min read

After a long time learning and failing, I finally managed to create my own presets which all, in a sense, represent me and my lifestyle.  All 6 of my presets are now available on my Shop from as little as…

Things Don’t Get Better with Time

December 5, 2019 - 3 min read

We have been told once too many times that ‘time heals all’, ‘it will get better with time’ and just ‘give it some time’ in every situation that might’ve emotionally hurt us. Unconsciously, we start believing it and wait on…

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Explorer

November 25, 2019 - 3 min read

Exploring new places is probably the best way to get to know yourself and the world too. Whether you are going alone, with friends, a partner or a group of strangers, you always return home with new ways of seeing…

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About Me

Hi! I am Mbalenhle Khuzwayo, but everyone calls me Mbali for short. I am a writer, designer and a sucker for art and aesthetics. Welcome to my website, here you will find articles on social norms, travel advice, tips and hacks on everything lifestyle and marketing related. Sign up to the monthly newsletter for insights on the personal side of my life and exclusive tips Read More

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