Let Me Tell You About Your Superpower

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What if I told you that you have an extremely powerful and useful superpower? More powerful than being able to read someone’s mind and more useful than being invisible. Would you believe me? Well it’s quite true, we all possess the power to change someone’s life – whether it’s how they think, behave or speak, whether it’s someone we grew up with or someone we just met, we have the power to change that.

Ever noticed how magically we adopt and adapt to how our favourite people act, speak and think? They change us, sometimes without trying and sometimes they intend to. We don’t quite notice that we have the power to change someone’s life because we are too focussed on those impacting our lives negatively and those impacting it positively. This is why it is important that we watch what we say and how we act around those we care about because people tend to remember the mean things we say and bad things we do and those things may change the way they see themselves and/or how they feel about us from then on.

When someone we like constantly says mean, unnecessary remarks about how we dress or how we look, that changes how we see ourselves – self-confidence slowly fades away. Now you could either choose to change someone’s life for the best or the worst. You could do something today that would hurt someone you care about for the rest of their life; your negative aura easily brushes off to those around you and your attitude can be easily transferred like energy.

Keep your jokes clear, bearing in mind that sensitive people don’t have ‘Sensitive’ written on their foreheads. Use sarcasm to those that will get it because those that don’t will misinterpret it and catch feelings as easy as I catch a cold these days.

Make people feel good about themselves and remind them how much they matter to you – if they do. Gas them up when they are doing great and when they are going through a rough patch, be there for them. Little gestures make a huge difference. Also, use your superpower on yourself too, be a good person for yourself – speak kindly to yourself and others, only make room for positive thoughts and instil those positive thoughts to those that you care about too. Now that you know about your superpower, choose to use it wisely.

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  • Yeah, sarcasm – that’s me. Oops.
    Difficult to know how to catch myself. Perhaps I need someone to watch me night and day and point out when I slip up? But wouldn’t that be awful to have someone like that dogging your heels! Sigh.
    Great article. Food for thought. Fuel for change. Well done. 🙂

    • Haha. I myself am quite sarcastic, to the point where people around me can’t tell when I’m being sincere or just still being sarcastic. Lol. Thanks Robert 🍃

      • To be honest, you come over as a very sincere person. You are sweet and kind when you write. I think that it’s easier to stop being sarcastic when you’re writing, but more difficult when you’re talking.
        What does your tagline mean? Budding? Regardless of what? Just being nosy now. 😉

        • Haha. Those are such kind words Robert 🤗! I don’t mind you being nosy actually 😅, I wrote a whole blog post on the name of my blog. Do check it out when you get a chance okay? Cool beans 🙌 https://buddingregardless.com/budding-regardless

          • Love those cool beans.
            Love that article too. 🙂
            Feel like I know you better now.
            You’re going to have a great life. 🙂

  • Yes we do have so much power to be a force for good if we choose to!

  • Simon at

    Theta an awesome super power and often unwisely used…

  • The world would be such a better place if more people were to use their superpower. Keep spreading the positivity ✨

    • Imagine!🌼 No more heartbreaks too. Thank you so much sis, will do so💞💕

  • Well isn’t that just a lecture Miss Khuzwayo! Thank you for this! Truth we have a superpower of affecting people whatever we say no matter how “inconsequential” we feel it is.

    Thanks for the reminder

    • Yes Mr Deshi😊 which is why we have to always consider the words we utter and how they’ll affect those we love 🤗

  • Love this post!

  • Shereen at

    loved this…especially “Make people feel good about themselves and remind them how much they matter to you – if they do”

    • It’s so important to remind them because we feel some typa way when someone tells us how much we mean to them 💕. Thanks Shereen💫

  • Amen and amen!!!😊

  • Total power in your writing! One of your superpowers is your amazing writing!! Hugs!!

  • Rohtua at

    Wise words! People can be so harsh to each other… we really need to focus on building each other up!

    • That’s very true! We need to spread as much positivity as we can 💖

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