It’s Such A Shame What Money Has Done

May 14, 2017 in Articles - 3 min read

Living without money is probably doable but goodness gracious who would dream of such a life for themselves? There are so many clothes to buy, so many puppies to be bought, so much food, cars, houses… Everything is for sale! Which is why we all love money this much – everything is about it. You are reading this now because you had money to buy yourself data or a WiFi router perhaps. Despite the wonderful things we can buy with money to make us a little happy, some people have such bad intentions with it and it is quite saddening when you come to think of it.

In some relationships, money becomes the only thing that makes the relationship bearable because they would spend nights in 5-star hotels, eating in fancy restaurants and being VIPs in every event. But if all of that money were to be taken away from them, there probably wouldn’t really be any reason for them to stay together anymore – they’d start fighting more often and avoidance would become their mutual habit.

Also, money automatically gives an individual power – they feel as though they have control over everybody and whenever they command their peers to jump, the peers are expected to ask, “how high?” as quickly as possible. A person who is moneyed is one of those people who can completely alter your plans – if you are planning on staying at home and studying or just watching a movie, they will holla at you to accompany them to wherever they want to go.

They know they will pull you in with phrases like, “What are you going to drink?”, “I’ll fetch you and bring you back”, “Call a cab, I’ll pay” and (our favorite phrase) “What do you want to eat?”. Their power runs so deep – you know that when they say that they want to leave, you have no choice but to get up and leave too. Whatever you say goes when you are well known for being in possession of a lot of money.

Then again, money promotes corruption – you can get in and out of anything with money. Do you want that well paying Engineering job but you only have a qualification in Hospitality? Or do you desperately want that drivers license but you have failed it at least 5 times already? Fear not, for money shall save you.

Then it helps you get out of situations – did you murder 3 people and about to face the consequences of your actions? As long as you have money, watch how you will be told that you are free to go while you are actually still in the process of getting into your orange overalls.

The mass has gotten so obsessed over money, it has become one of the primary things everybody wishes to have in abundance – of course we all need money to sustain life because well you need to pay rent, travel to work/school via public transport or load petrol into your car tank. But these days we have gone so overboard – we have even adopted a habit of pretending as if we are balling in endless money just so that we are respected, earn power and become ‘life goals’.

Money will forever and always be an important thing though. The sad truth is that, you can spend all day numbering all the bad things about it and you can scream and shout at the top of your lungs that, “Money is the root of all evil” but you will still wake up at 5am the next day to go make yourself money. It’s such a shame how money just controls us.



  • robgradens May 27, 2017 at

    I adore New Wave music, esp The Police. They were two Englishmen and one American. You’ve probably heard of Sting, but the founder of the band was really the drummer, Stewart Copeland. New Wave helped bash down barriers between Europe and America. I grew up with New Wave and new romantic. My generation opened doors that the last had tried to seal. Danny, I’ve never been a jingoist. When I was 14 I was a big Beatles fan. I still cry over John Lennon’s untimely death. He was such a humanitarian, and even understood about the mentally ill and homeless (“Are you hungry?”). He had incredibly good sense. One time, when he was invited to perform at a BBC program, he declined cash, but rather asked to be paid in chocolate bars he couldn’t acquire in the States. So it was done. The ledger records the transaction. I am so, so sorry that he was killed. When I am very drunk, I sing “Across the Universe” like a fool — or a sophomore. I’d better send this.

  • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

    You’ve made my day by signing up as my follower. Just finished a post scathing republicans and their ignorant wish to shut up smart people. Please check it out given the time. Hey Danny, do you like music? Also, I must say that my best friend for the past six years has been a Scotswoman named Kate Brown (maiden name Brogan). She is exceptionally bright, and the only elitism is brainpower. If she couldn’t understand my emails, then I would’ve lost her long ago. But no, she has hung on… My email address is Nice to have a new follower, and you Brits are the best.

    • Danny Kemp May 26, 2017 at

      I did read some of your posts and noticed the Scots lady you mentioned. I’m a Londoner and a very proud Englishman…..I don’t travel well with my regard to other parts of the UK.

      • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

        That’s okay, I’m a homebody in Eugene, Oregon. Haven’t been up to Portland since 1997. The US is very huge geographically, yet overall a mental midget. If you are a proud Englishman, then I am a peon Yankee. We really suck across here when we vote in an ignoramus like Trump. If you limeys are laughing at us, then I for one have to laugh too. It’s a platitude, but Americans take everything too literally and don’t understand satire. Yes, we are quite silly. Hey, thanks for ranging through my blog. I saw your profile, too. See you soon.

  • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

    Sounds like I disclosed to the right person. Of course it is my responsibility, and no, it’s mostly not a moral issue. I dislike AA for the bogus spirituality. Americans love it, but we’re not very smart. My blog has always gotten more British attention. Understood on profligacy, too. I can never save money for very long. Thanks for your time. It’s like Tolkien, isn’t it? Viz, use that dark power or destroy it forever in order to keep the earth green. My brother is also a drunk, and keeps choosing to drink as if the next time might see different results. It’s a shame since he’s very intelligent, a retired professor. Now his memory is shot. He is 14 yrs my senior… Have a nice day.

  • Danny Kemp May 26, 2017 at

    I’m not going to preach to you, it’s your life to do with as you please. I was once the tenant of three Courage pubs all in Kent. The last one I had was the second busiest within their estate in Kent and Sussex. I started to drink, just to be social with some selected customers. I would begin on the whisky about 10 pm and by the time we closed and cleared away I might have had three large whiskies and ice. But by the time I went to bed at 1 am I had drunk almost a bottle. I knew I was addicted because I never had a hangover. That was 35 years ago. I went to AA but couldn’t hack it there. Slowly I came away from booze. Slowly I stopped drinking whisky, but I never beat myself about having a glass or two and I enjoyed a glass of wine. Then the wine drinking got excessive. So I stopped! Having given up on my favourite drink, the Scotch, it was easy to give up on the wine. I now have an occasional glass of wine with water added and, this weather, a gin and tonic. Do I feel better…Yes, I do! Am I better off financially – I doubt it as I would have spent the money on something else! I didn’t stop drinking for health reasons nor to save money, I stopped because I was sloosh-pot, a drunk and all round arsehole. If drinking makes you happy then carry on. As I say – Life is yours to handle it the way you believe is best.

  • Danny Kemp May 26, 2017 at

    One only has to count the number of suicides of celebrities who supposedly have ‘money’ to see that money alone is no panacea to the evils of life. Money must be used to bring happiness. I say used instead of spent deliberately!

    • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

      I’m an alcoholic, so what happens when I am broke is, no beer money. On the moneyed ham, I’m doomed to an alcoholic death. That’s what has happened this month. Gimme a pocketful and I’ll show you a sot in jig time. The only thing really stopping me is the Law. Nice meeting you, Danny. Of course alcohol isn’t my entire identity. I’m otherwise a very good man. I’ll hang around for your reply.

    • Mbalenhle May 26, 2017 at

      I get why you used the word ‘used’ Danny. We have become so oblivious to the fact that money has used us and is still using us meanwhile we are the ones who are supposed to be using to enhance our lives. Thanks for popping by.

      • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

        Thanks to you two, I have two new followers. I don’t praise myself for my good luck. All I had to do was put my heart out there and sleep for a few days. Of course I’ll keep writing, for it seems to be my best weapon. I’ll just volunteer that I have paranoid schizophrenia, but I’m still functional. Words have saved my life recently, and gotten me some attention. It’s better than being a rock star. Yes, when I was florid on my initial episode, my brain’s language center still worked like a trusty machine. It’s very strong, and my only anchor to reality. Without language, I’d have no life at all. Many people don’t value language at all, but that’s sick, IMO. How do you pronounce your name? Sorry. I would’ve loved to be better at geography, but frankly I always sucked at social sciences. I’m a total introvert. Better send this. Tell me something about Nelson Mandela.

  • Mbalenhle May 26, 2017 at

    Thank you Rob 🌼🙏

    • robgradens May 26, 2017 at

      You’re welcome. My blog address is, if you have time. I’d love to have you for a follower. I can’t stomach racism, and a lot of my writing devolves on tolerance and love. Okay, my writing tends to be bombastic, but I really have a heart of gold. My rising sign is Leo, so I suppose that’s where the pomp comes from. I love your look of “Yeah, right” on your face. You are very intelligent and in a good place in the world; a place where you can make a big difference. So much for three worlds, you think? Seems like a redneck myth now. I treasure my rhetorical skills. Have you read any Ralph Waldo Emerson? He was an abolitionist way ahead of Lincoln. Emerson actually sought an audience with the president to discuss the wrong of slavery. He was so very heady — and righteous. He’s my American pride. Hey, my email is I seek community with intellect wherever I can find it. Take care, my friend. Your Rob

  • robgradens May 24, 2017 at

    I’ve never been a capitalist. I love impractical things, so-called. Music and literature are two of them. My other relatives (two half-siblings) don’t understand why I’m a starving artist with no concept of the “value” of money. My sister prefers applied arts, something “useful.” She owes it to herself to read a good book instead of obsess over home-improvement and her television. While I’ll be reading in peace, she’ll “not think about herself” and do yard work or load after load of laundry. She is terrified to know herself. She sent me a secondhand email in 2012 which concluded: “Life is best for those who want to live it; difficult for those who want to analyze it; and worst for those who want to criticize it.” I replied, “Socrates said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Also the Oracle at Delphi: ‘Know yourself.'” She exiled me for a whole year. My sis is so very ignorant, and has tried to make me unhappy like herself. My brother is broader-minded, but also does not value arts and letters. He used his college education only to make big bucks. But I, in my case, simply wanted to know how think, not what. Facts are dull. College was the best experience of my life. Take care.

  • Mbalenhle May 24, 2017 at

    Money can really control our emotions too hey, we are forever and always unhappy when we don’t have enough money to do what we wish to do. I understand your husband feeling as though he’s letting his family down and that thought comes from the ideology that men are supposed to be the providers. But it’s not all that easy especially in this day and age. Thanks for popping by, it means a lot to me 🌸💝

  • myhempnowonline May 23, 2017 at

    Great perspective and very nice read at 5:45 am which is when I’m ready to start working. I will say my husband is the worry wart in our home, but I’ve been divorced over money. Sadly, even when you have it but make more than your husband that can turn out bad. I will say that I love what I do and get to so from home, my husband on the other hand works his bum off and only to feel horrible every single day. He has a good day 1-2 times in 6 months. For me that’s sad. He feels like he has to make that much or he’s letting his family down. I’m hoping that my business will get him out of there. He has no joy lately and I also believe that when you are focused on having or ensuring for retirement and come from a place of fear that too leads to more negative. We do ok with money, he handles it and I say no when they all want junk food and doughnut runs. I remember and still wish it were true, that if everyone just contributed to their community through a Job they love that we could live without money. Even though I’ve never said that to any of our 6 daughters my youngest and middle daughter both think like that and have said it. Maybe this next generation will find simplicity in life and not make the mistakes we’ve made over the last few decades. Sorry, I like to be engaged in a blog that means something. That shares unique truth and thoughts that many don’t stop long enough to even think about. Thanks Mbalenhle. Well written too by the way.

  • Be on Money May 20, 2017 at

    money is good for me.

  • adrianapridemore May 19, 2017 at

    You make a lot of good points in your posts. I glad to have found you. Thank you for following me too!

  • tsepotheview May 16, 2017 at

    There is nothing wrong with money, the problem is the person having money…

  • Mbalenhle May 16, 2017 at

    That is very true, it would take forever to get the whole world population to value and use money in the most appropriate ways so you are quite right in saying that we have to clean up our own minds and start thinking of money differently✨

  • mexploring May 15, 2017 at

    I’ve just bought a book about money by Jen Sincero where she says that money is one of the most mystical subjects of our culture, you are not supposed to talk about it and want it, but you should have. There is such a mess, and I think it is mostly in our heads. Money itself is just a currency. I believe, we can change a lot by starting a clean up in our own heads about our ideas of money 😉

  • lauzieslifestyle May 14, 2017 at

    I always enjoy reading your posts. I think money can be abit like seeing a celeb. I was about 2 metres away from Nicki Minaj, a couple years ago. At first I was ahh, let me snap 100 photos. I realised after, I was more concerned about telling people – seeing her in reality was not that exciting.
    Sometimes I think people do that with money. The thrill of it is just to show people, so we can feel better and somehow more worthy.
    I’ve always wanted a certain amount of money. But it’s more to do with wanting to travel and experience things. Not to say that wanting certain stuff is wrong. Maybe we just put too much emphasis on it, as a root to happiness. X

    • Mbalenhle May 16, 2017 at

      You are so kind, thank you Lauzie 🌻. I get what you are saying – sometimes it’s not the money that really excites us but it’s the thought that if we are in possession of stacks we can convince people around us that we are the happiest.

      • lauzieslifestyle May 16, 2017 at

        Yeah, and also I think people try to prove themselves. Money is an obvious way, to kind of say hey, look I’m worthy of something, I have all these items. It’s like we can use it to gain approval. Maybe I am over analysing lol. x

  • Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah May 14, 2017 at

    Powerful thoughts presenting an excellent message money is an evil when you let it

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